Fall Protection in Fort Worth, TX

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Regardless of how experienced you are or how long you have been with your current employer, when you are injured in a fall at work, it creates hardships that seem unfair. Suddenly, medical bills show up in the mail. Is your employer going to reinstate you when you are ready to return to work? How can you deal with lost wages in the meantime?

Contact an Attorney
The Fort Worth personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group are available to give you legal advice and represent you in your case with a fall protection lawsuit. If you have been seriously injured at work in circumstances that could have been prevented with adequate fall protection, contact an attorney to help. Even if the cause of the fall is unknown, companies must provide fall protection in dangerous situations.

Do you Need Fall Protection?
According to OSHA, whenever you are working at a height, you must be protected from fall injury. Failure to provide this protection can result in lawsuits. Sometimes these falls are accidents that nobody thought would occur. At other times, the work and the lack of fall protection should have been addressed.

Fall protection absorbs the impact of the fall so the individual does not suffer it. It requires harnesses or other equipment that allows users to do tasks without losing their balance. Occasionally, fall equipment malfunctions and fails to catch the worker. Falls can result in broken bones, serious head injuries and even death. Medical help must be found immediately.

OSHA Law has determined how far a worker can fall before protection breaks the fall and absorbs the impact. It’s been set at six feet. If that number is exceeded, the company must show it had a qualified OSHA certified designer create the fall protection.

Get Documentation
To file a personal injury claim, documents of the incident and the kind of fall protection on site must be presented. Along with the details of the fall, you should provide medical bills, treatment bills, forecast of future economic loss and wages lost after the accident. You may face other losses too.

For instance, the kind of injury sustained from a fall could cause you considerable stress and emotional strain. You could suffer pain and suffering that could go on for years. The fall could severely affect the quality of life you will enjoy in the future. It’s not always a matter of returning you to the shape you were in before the fall. A fall can scar you emotionally, physically and psychologically for years after.

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The search for an attorney willing to defend you rights can seem daunting, but it does not have to be that way. There are many personal injury attorneys in Fort Worth, but what makes Zinda Law Group attractive is their excellent record of accomplishment with the Better Business Bureau and the knowledge and experience they bring to every case. Call them today.