Statistics Show Increases in Auto Accidents at Certain Times of Day and Year

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The roadways of Fort Worth become more and more congested every day. You see huge wrecks on the freeway almost weekly. Authorities are saying that the distracted driving epidemic is to blame for much of it. Drunk driving also remains high on the list of causes.

New research shows that there are times of the day and the year where more auto accidents occur. For instance, Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. is the most likely time of day to have an accident. More auto accidents occur every day in America during that time frame. It stands to reason. People are just getting off work and heading home, they’re tired and frustrated and they may be upset or thinking about something that happened at work.

Distractions like these cause drivers to run red lights, speed and just not pay attention to where they’re going. The time of year when most accidents occur is the 3rd and 4th of July. Accidents increase during this holiday because people are partying, drinking and in a celebratory mood, which can lead to negligence. You’re at the lake with friends having a picnic, drinking, and suddenly someone asks you to go get ice. The store is right up the street and you feel like it will be safe to drive that short distance even though you’ve had 4 beers. Unfortunately, this happens more than any of us realizes.

There is also an increase in auto accidents in Fort Worth and throughout the nation during Christmas, New Years and Memorial Day. The reasons here are similar as above. People party, drink and then try to drive home after the festivities.

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