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If you suffered an injury due to the conditions of your job, you may be able to claim a workplace injury. An employer’s job is to make sure that you are safe while you are on the clock. In some cases, an employer might have failed in this duty to provide a safe working environment. Specific statutes govern what companies must do in regard to these employees, and they’re often quite strict. The workmans comp lawyers at Zinda Law Group often work closely with people in Fort Worth who have been hurt in these kinds of accidents. Our attorneys can figure out whether an employer or some other party has failed to protect workers from these kinds of accidents.  If you were wondering whether you should contact a workmans compensation lawyer to seek damages from your employer, the answer is yes. If your case goes to court you could qualify for a lump sum settlement. 

About Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ compensation is a benefit policy that pays an injured worker for the time that he or she is unable to perform regular job duties. To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, the employee must waive his or her rights to sue. An injured party must notify his or her manager as soon as possible after an injury. The employer will probably ask that person to see a doctor that is closely tied with the company. When that happens, sometimes workers compensation cases are denied. A workplace injury lawyer can help you get compensation for your pain and suffering caused by your employer’s negligence. If you think you may have a workers compensation case, contact Zinda Law Group of Fort Worth to get a free consultation with an attorney. 

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Types of Workplace Injury Cases 

When a serious or fatal injury occurs in the workplace, Zinda Law Group can help injured workers pursue the maximum recovery in third-party liability claims. That means we investigate accidents, uncover responsible parties, and hold them accountable for the harm their negligence causes. Our team of experienced workplace accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys can handle a wide range of cases, including:

  • Construction site accidents
  • Industrial and manufacturing injuries
  • Farm and ranch accidents
  • Oilfield accidents
  • Gas explosions
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Back injuries and other lifting accidents

Get Help from Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys

Many times construction work pays well but is one of the most accident prone professions in America. Usually on a construction site there are dozens of people rushing about, along with heavy equipment moving materials and other objects. Unfortunately, construction fatalities rise each year in spite of new and stronger safety measures.

Heavy objects can fall on a worker from several stories up. Accidents like these simply can’t always be avoided. Inexperienced machinery operators may get careless causing injury to workers nearby. Contractors are always in a hurry to get this project finished and move on to the next. This can cause them to cut corners and not take the proper safety measures on a job site.

Power lines are notoriously dangerous, and people are often hurt when they come into contact with live wires that aren’t properly protected. The most common people involved in these accidents are utility or construction workers, as they’re thrown right into the fray. When these people are up making repairs, their employers have a certain duty to keep the working environment safe. Employers are required by law in Fort Worth to accommodate employees in many ways, and a failure to do this can lead to liability if an injury results. For people who are involved in power line accidents, the right workerplace injury attorney can be a major help. Call 817-769-8442 or contact the construction accident and workers compensation attorneys at Zinda Law Group today for a free consultation. As our client, you will pay nothing unless we can win your case. 

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Fort Worth Workers Compensation Lawyers | Zinda Law Group

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Steps to Take If You Are Injured At Work

1.) Report the injury. You should report the injury to your supervisor or company nurse, making clear your injury was caused by work.

2.) Make sure your supervisor prepares a company accident report.  If your Supervisor won’t prepare the report, then you should write a letter stating the facts of your injury and give a copy of the letter to the Supervisor. Keep a record of when you gave the letter to your Supervisor. If you can get him/her to sign a receipt for having received it, that’s even better.

3.) You should get medical care through the doctor selected by your employer. Don’t get frustrated if you are denied care. Keep demanding proper care through the Company Doctor. If you go to your own doctor, you can make it look like you believe your injury was not caused by work. If you do not think that the doctor is caring for you properly or has not taken careful notes on how your work caused your injury, then give the doctor a written statement of how your work caused you injury and keep a copy of that statement.

4.)Follow all medical directions. If you don’t, your employer may argue that you chose not to get proper care and purposely stayed sick so you did not have to go back to work.

5.) Get professional legal advice. You should consult a lawyer if you are denied proper and effective medical care for a work injury.

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