'Four Loko,' Caffeinated Malt Beverages Declared Unsafe by FDA

'Four Loko,' a malt liquor beverage that also happens to be caffeinated, is being pulled from shelves by its own manufacturer, Phusion Projects. The recall comes on the tail of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report that states caffeine is not a safe additive to malted liquor, a move which essentially bans the drink.

Four Loko is far more alcoholic and caffeinated than its predecessors. It is unclear whether the new ban will affect these other drinks as well. It became the drink of choice among college students when it became known how intoxicating it was. Combining caffeine and alcohol increases the likelihood of hospitalization, blacking out and even heart attacks. If you have been injured because of this dangerous and defective product, call an injury attorney as soon as possible.

The FDA ruling only discusses alcoholic malt beverages. It does not address the issue of other caffeinated alcoholic drinks such as Red Bull and vodka. There are rumors that if Congress does not feel that the FDA ruling is strong enough it will ban the drink outright.

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