Construction Accident Lawyers in Frisco, Texas

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In construction accidents one of the most important things is preserving the evidence. Often we will find that the company will try to put blame on the person who’s injured, that they did something wrong or they used the equipment inappropriately or they were in a place they shouldn’t be. That’s why it’s important that we are able to get onsite immediately. If you contact us following a construction accident and it’s early enough, we can try to get to the location before any of the evidence is destroyed.

After you’re hurt they’re going to move on with their project, so they’re going to clean up what is evidence in your case so that they can move on. We will get out there and perform site inspections and preserve that evidence. You may even have a potential product claim. There may be something wrong with the product you were using, the equipment you were using, and that allows us to gather that information so that we can identify all potential parties.