Gas Fumes at Work Site Lead to Death


One man has been found dead and another is still missing after the two men were evidently overcome by gas fumes while performing work on a sewer line. The first man went down into the sewer to remove a plug from a sewer line as the final stage of a year-long repair operation. When the man did not return promptly, the second man went down to check on him. A third worker later found the first man dead and the second has yet to be found.

Evidently the first man was killed by gas fumes. He appears to have failed to check the air quality levels before entering the sewer and did not wear any protective gear or a mask. The second man also did not wear a mask and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Emergency responders using oxygen and wearing protective gear are searching for the second man throughout the sewer system. According to officials it is standard procedure to monitor air quality when working on sewer lines, and it is currently unclear whether those checks did not occur or yielded faulty results.

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