Product Injury Lawyers in Georgetown

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In the United States, an astonishing percentage of individuals receive product injuries every year due to defective products. From cars to child seats, virtually no product has immunity to the possibility that it has a defect. When defective products are sold to consumers, people often receive injuries that would not have otherwise occurred. Any person who lives in Georgetown, TX, has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the product manufacturer if the individual suffers a serious injury. Product law gives Georgetown, TX, consumers this legal right.

Product Injury Caused by a Motor Vehicle

A person who is in a serious car accident because the manufacturer of an automobile or truck released a defective product is eligible to file a claim against the company. The manufacturer may have knowingly or unknowingly manufactured the vehicle with the defect. It does not matter if the product was intentionally or unintentionally manufactured with a flaw. In either case, the manufacturer was at fault due to negligence.

An act of negligence means that the company neglected to manufacturer a safe product that does not harm its user. If the product is unsafe, a personal injury lawyer in Georgetown, TX, who practices product injury law can help the victim gain monetary compensation.

Prescription Medications

If an adult or child suffers from a serious physical or psychological medical condition due to using a prescribed medication, the person can contact a personal injury lawyer to find out if the possibility of a product injury lawsuit exists. Many individuals suffer severe medical injuries from various types of medications. Even over-the-counter medicines that are not prescribed by a doctor are covered under Texas product injury law. Any medication that causes a person to have a severe negative reaction is a medication that has a possible defect.

We Don’t get Paid Unless the Injured Person Wins the Case

The injured party does not need to pay any money for the first consultation with a personal injury lawyer. If the attorney decides to take the case, the injured person does not typically need to pay for any legal services or monies received until, and unless, the lawyer wins the case. Winning a legal case against a manufacturer can occur in two different ways: the claimant can win an out of court settlement, or a judge may award a certain amount of money as the result of a court trial that includes a jury.

A Person Who Dies from a Product Injury

If a Georgetown, TX, resident dies due to a product injury, the individual’s spouse can file a product injury lawsuit against the manufacturer. Businesses that manufacture products need to comply with certain known standards. When companies fail to manufacture products that equal the known and acceptable standards, these businesses are guilty of negligence.

A victim of negligence can receive a substantial amount of compensation if a personal injury lawyer is willing to accept the case. Any individual who lives in Georgetown, TX, is free to contact a Zinda Law Group personal injury attorney to file a product injury claim today.