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After suffering from a body injury that was caused by the careless actions of another party, many people become so preoccupied with the shock, trauma, and fulfilling their urgent health care needs that they lose sight of another important factor: fighting for compensation. Too often, this is a frustrating uphill battle because insurance companies devote a great amount of energy toward the denial of claims. However, the threat of a personal injury suit is an effective means to settle with insurance companies and to ensure justice for victims of negligence.

In Arizona, personal injury lawsuits cover a wide range of injuries such as crashes, slips, medical malpractice, hazardous property conditions, dog bites, and other incidents. Victims of negligence have the right to bring suit against the at-fault party or, as is more likely, his or her insurer to recover for their losses. With the assistance of a personal injury attorney, you will be able to understand your rights under Arizona law. Furthermore, a personal injury attorney can undertake the arduous tasks of investigating the circumstances of the incident, filing with the court, requesting applicable medical or law enforcement records, and communicating with the other side in an effort to settle the case early. The experienced attorneys at Zinda Law Group can take these burdens off of your load, allowing you to focus on your own recovery.

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Types of Damages 

In Arizona, victims of negligence are entitled by law to two kinds of damages. Even if a case does not go all the way to trial, and the vast majority are settled out of the court room, the threat of a lawsuit and the possibility of these damages play an important role in the settlement negotiations.

The first type of damages that you are entitled to recover is compensatory damages. These are the costs of medical treatment, loss of or damage to property, time spent missing work, and even having to endure pain and suffering. These damages are often easy to quantify, because they are supported by documentation such as medical bills or appraisals.

The second type of damages is punitive damages. These serve to punish the at-fault party for their negligence and they generally apply to acts of criminal recklessness or simply when a bad actor disregards the public good. Thus, when an insurance company’s client recklessly runs a stop sign, texts while driving, or drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the threat of a trial is a very compelling one. While recovery is owed to you by Arizona law, convincing an insurance company to compensate you is extremely difficult without the aid of a personal injury attorney.

The Statute of Limitations provides a limited time from the date of the incident to file suit against the at-fault party. Thus, the clock is ticking.


The Arizona personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group are experienced and zealous advocates for the rights of our clients. Jack Zinda and our personal injury team will take the burden of fighting the insurance and the court system. Mr. Zinda is a distinguished graduate of Baylor University Law School and possesses a superb track record as the principal litigator in a number of high-profile personal injury cases. In both 2009 and 2010, Texas Monthly Magazine recognized Jack as one of its “Rising Stars” and in 2012 he was honored as one of the National Trial Lawyers Association Top Texas 40. Jack and his team are available to assist you with your personal injury accident case in Gilbert and the surrounding area. Give our office a call today to receive a free consultation.

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