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If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, consider retaining the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. When dealing with insurance companies, they will try to entice you into a quick settlement or attempt to diminish the importance of your injuries so they can lower their loss. A personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and can be a powerful ally when negotiating with insurance companies.

When you file a car insurance claim, the insurance company follows a pretty standard procedure. If they believe that you may hire a lawyer, they will quickly offer you a low settlement. Be very wary of this. Another strategy is to downplay your injuries and perhaps indicate that the insurance will not cover certain things. A quick settlement cannot possibly cover all the damages you have suffered, as well as any future damages.

You only have one chance to make the best deal possible when you are settling a car accident claim. Unfortunately, you cannot receive compensation for additional costs (for those such as damages, injuries or medical bills) after you have reached a settlement. A professional personal injury attorney thoroughly understands what a settlement should cover and how to properly negotiate with an insurance adjustor.

The truth is that car accident settlements should cover all of your bills– including hospital, rehabilitation, medication, reimbursement for caretakers, plastic surgery and future expected bills. Additionally, a settlement should cover the non-medical expenses you incur, such as car damage, lost wages and future lost wages due to ongoing medical treatment. It is also possible to received compensation for the disruption of your life (called loss of enjoyment). You simply cannot expect to adequately address the complex issues and costs in quick and early settlements.



If you have been the victim of a serious injury caused by inattention or recklessness on the road, consult a personal injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group. They are professional and experienced personal injury trial lawyers who have years of experience working with insurance companies on auto accident claims. Experienced and professional, Zinda Law Group will provide your case with careful attention. We guide you through the entire process and explain how to keep track of the complete documentation of both your economic and non-economic damages. We are affiliated with the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association.

There is no fee for a consultation and we only charge for our legal work if there is a successful resolution of your claim. Call Zinda Law Group to begin the process of settlement and resolution. We are prepared to evaluate your personal situation and advise you on the best course for you and your family.

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