Girl Left Blind After Air Bag Deployment


Kelly Green was eagerly anticipating her 16th birthday when she lost her vision in a tragic car accident. According to the Daily Mail, the teen was riding with her father in the car when the vehicle hit a pothole and collided with the center barrier. The car then flipped over onto its roof and the airbag deployed. The driver and the passenger airbags both inflated, and Kelly’s father walked away from the accident with only cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, Kelly was not as lucky. The airbag in her family’s BMW hit her in the face, damaging her vision.

She had to be cut from the wreckage and was rushed to the hospital for a surgery. Kelly has had five operations since the accident, but doctors say that she will be permanently blind in her right eye. She has only a slim chance of ever seeing out of her left eye in the future. She is currently learning Braille and figuring out how to touch type as she adjusts to life without sight. Kelly will undergo more surgeries for her eyes, but chances are that she will always remain in the darkness. Her friends and family are trying to raise funds to give Kelly the special equipment that may be able to improve her vision. Kelly’s mother says that her daughter’s positive attitude has been the motor that has kept the family going.

She has still remained her upbeat self and the blindness hasn’t affected her personality. The impact pushed Kelly’s right eye out of socket, causing her face to appear unsightly. Yet she is happy to be alive. Kelly says that she is more concerned about social isolation then not being able to see. If you or a loved one has experienced vision problems because of an airbag contact a personal injury attorney today to get information about how you can litigate.