18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers Houston

18 Wheeler Accident in Houston

Zinda Law Group, provides the legal guidance needed after an 18 wheel truck accident has occurred. The effects that are caused can last for many years. Personal injury victims must deal with the challenges of limited mobility and extensive physical therapy. While these challenges will take up a significant amount of time for recovery, assistance can also be provided to victims to recover financially from this type of accident.

Why Choose Zinda Law Group?

Trying to resolve legal matters on your own can create more problems than anticipated. Oftentimes, when personal injury victims contact insurance companies, they are ignored or denied benefits. When this occurs, victims are unable to receive the medical care that is needed to help them make a full recovery. When personal injury victims choose to hire an experienced attorney at Zinda Law Group, free consultation services are given.

After submitting critical information regarding your case, one of our licensed attorneys will work extensively for you to gather information from the defendant’s insurance company. We will also notify them of the lawsuit that will be filed on your behalf. Due to the time restraints associated with filing a lawsuit, it is recommended that victims seek the advice of an attorney immediately after a truck accident has occurred.

Although there are many law firms located in Houston, TX which can provide legal help, Zinda Law Group has received positive ratings from the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and previous clients. Our legal team consists of personal injury attorneys and legal assistants who are knowledgeable of personal injury laws as well as litigation procedures. Our clients don’t have to carry the burden of trying to fight legal battles on their own. We will carry the legal load for you by representing you in every aspect of your case. From the time we receive your phone call or online request for help, we make every effort to ensure that all of the required due diligence is executed. When our services are acquired, clients can expect compensation for vehicle damage, medical care, and loss wages.


Zinda Law Group PLLC is one of the leading law firms in Houston, TX. Personal injury victims who have been involved in an 18 wheel truck accident can expect the best legal representation services when one of our personal injury attorneys is hired. We operate on a contingency fee basis which means the legal services you acquire from us will not have to be paid unless your case is successfully compensated. Our legal counselors are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your case. One of the worst mistakes a personal injury victim can make is not consulting with a personal injury attorney after suffering the lingering pain of an accident. Personal injury victims don’t have to settle for denial or termination of the benefits that are rightfully owed to them especially when professional legal help is available in Houston TX to resolve the issue.