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Boat Injury in Houston

Whether you’re boating up on Lake Conroe or you’re heading down to the Gulf of Mexico, it’s possible that you’ll be hurt in or around Houston. Boat injuries can happen in a number of different ways, and with boats becoming bigger and faster, those injuries tend to be more serious. Though you might not think of boats like you’d think of cars, many of their features are the same. Good attorneys can tell you that boating accidents give individuals the same rights as some of those car accidents that cause so much devastation. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group help people all the time who’ve been hurt in a boating injury.

How do boat injuries occur?

Boat crashes are routine, especially if you’re in a crowded area. During the summer months when Houston gets its hottest, many people head out to the lake to cool down. If someone fails to follow the navigational beacons, it’s possible that two boats will crash. In addition, you might suffer a slip and fall injury on a boat or you could even fall off. Water complicates matters further, as a routine fall could lead to death or serious brain injury if a person is unable to swim to safety. If you use your imagination a little, you can think of many boat injuries, and Houston plaintiffs have the right to recover when they’re hurt by someone else.

Who is responsible for boat injuries?

Like with most personal injury cases, these are highly fact-specific. Depending upon the circumstances of your accident, many different parties could be at fault. Perhaps you’ll have a product liability action to bring against the boat manufacturer for a faulty design. Maybe you’ll have to sue a different boat driver who crashes into your boat or causes your boat to crash on its own. In some cases, you may have the option of filing a lawsuit against the driver of your own boat if that driver was under the influence of alcohol or other negligent.

How can attorneys help when boat injuries happen?

Attorneys help in many ways, and their role starts very early in the process. The question above presents an important questions that attorneys often have to answer. Just who was at fault? They’ll try to identify the other party and, if possible, file a lawsuit against any party that had responsibility. In addition, personal injury lawyers help Houston clients by fighting aggressively with insurance companies. In boating accidents, the first step is usually filing an insurance claim. This does not guarantee that the insurance company will comply, though.

The personal injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group routinely take on cases for people who’ve been hurt in a boating accident. Whether you were out fishing, skiing, or just enjoying a quiet day on the lake, you have the right to feel secure. If another person’s negligence caused an injury or some property damage, then you could potentially recover damages. The professionals at Zinda Law Group guide people like you through the system.