Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers in Houston

Victims of drunk driving accidents often think that their insurance companies are ready to provide compensation for life changing injuries by simply filing a claim, but they are usually disappointed. Policy holders who have a perfect record of payment find that their stewardship makes no difference when it is time for their insurance company to come through for them. One of the most important ways that a personal injury attorney can help victims of drunk driving accidents Houston, TX is by helping them get the compensation that they deserve.

Understanding the Resistance to Paying Compensation

Insurance companies are business enterprises whose goal, like that of other businesses, is to make money. Agreeing to pay large settlements to drunk driving accident victims is not the way they prefer to operate unless it is absolutely necessary. An easy resolution to an accident claim includes immediate payment for medical care, lost wages, property damage and mental anguish, but claimants usually cannot count on it. Representation by a personal injury attorney may not seem necessary until victims run into refusals, delays and challenges on their own.

At a time when victims need the support of an insurance company, it is difficult to understand the resistance that they usually find. Insurance adjusters are not paid to offer sympathy to victims who are suffering from injuries, and they are often willing to take advantage of policy holders who do not get legal representation. It is not a fair practice, but the facts show that adjusters try every way possible to deny claims and limit payouts. Accident victims need to avoid talking to them and rely on a personal injury lawyer instead.

Finding Effective Representation

Not all legal firms are the same, and it is important to find one that has compiled a successful record in representing other victims. Zinda Law Group is a Better Business Bureau® law firm, and most people understand the importance of getting a good rating from an organization that helps buyers make informed purchasing decisions. Founder Jack Zinda makes sure that all attorneys promise to uphold the values of the firm, including these:

• fighting diligently for rights of accident victims
• keeping clients updated on all aspects of a case
• maintaining an open and honest relationship with clients
• providing timely response to telephone calls from clients
• explaining the positive and negative consequences of each choice clients make about their case
• providing vigorous representation

Paying for Legal Services

Some victims of drunk driving accidents Houston, TX think that it is too expensive to hire an attorney and that they can save money by representing themselves. A major cost of self-representation is that it allows insurance companies to take advantage of the lack of knowledge that victims have. At Zinda Law Group, the personal injury attorneys have the skill to win settlements for clients, and their fees are taken out of the compensation award. Working on a contingency basis, attorneys win a settlement or the client does not pay.