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http://www.zdfirm.com/Personal-Injury-Blog/2010/August/Carrollton-Fire-Kills-Toddler.aspx Carrollton Fire Kills Toddler

Posted: August 27th, 2010 | Author: Austin-Personal-Injury-Blog
Categories: Personal Injury Blog

Firefighters were called to a home in Carrollton, on Wild Plum Drive near Old Denton Road and Hebron Parkway, around 2:00 a.m. Friday morning. When the firefighters arrived, the house was completely consumed by flames.

The family who lived at the house was a mother, a father, and five boys. Four of the boys, ages 4 through 13, made it out alive, as did the mother and father. The youngest son, unfortunately, did not. He was 2 years old.

According to some reports, the father repeatedly tried to save his youngest son by going back into the house before the firefighters arrived. Firefighters found the toddler already dead in one of the bedrooms on the second story.

The father and two of the other sons had minor burn injuries and were treated at Baylor Medical Center. Officials have not yet determined the cause of the fire but they believe that it was accidental. If it was due to faulty wiring or any other product defect, the family may sue for personal injury and  wrongful death damages.

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