Premises Liability Lawyers in Irving, Texas

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People in the Irving area who are injured should understand the basics of premises liability. When you are injured in an accident on someone else’s property, it pays to understand whether that property owner had any duty toward you. In some cases, the duty of property owners is quite high, and they are required to take precautions to keep you safe. In other cases, a property owner has very little duty. The value and viability of your personal injury claim will depend upon a number of factors though the duty of the property owner will be at the top of the list. Zinda Law Group can help you when you have these difficult legal questions.

A property owner’s level of responsibility depends upon your status as a person entering their property. There are three categories that you might fall into. Property owners have the highest duty toward business invitees. They have an intermediate level of responsibility when dealing with licensees. Finally, property owners have a highly reduced duty toward trespassers on their property.

Duty Toward Business Invitees

If you were on a person’s property for the purpose of doing business, then that property owner has tremendous duty toward you. This applies both when you have been directly invited onto a property and when you’re entering a business on an implicit invitation. When a person opens up his doors to conduct business, the law requires that person to take every reasonable precaution to keep the premises safe. This means that if a reasonable person could foresee danger on the property, then the business is responsible if that dangerous situation injures you or anyone else. If you have been hurt as a business invitee, then Zinda Law Group can work to recover damages on your behalf.

Duty Toward Licensees

Just below business invitees are licensees. These are people who have a right to be on a person’s property though they are not there to conduct any sort of business. An example of a licensee might be a person who stops in to visit a friend’s home. When you are a licensee, the property owner is required to advise you of any known dangers. For instance, if there is a shower that spits out scalding water, the property owner must let you know. They are not required to fix those problems. If they don’t alert you to the issues, though, you may be able to recover damages when you’re injured.

Duty Toward Trespassers

Even if you are on a person’s property without permission, you may still have some rights in a personal injury lawsuit. The law prohibits property owners from acting intentionally to harm trespassers. This means that setting up booby traps will lead to liability. Trespassers will face a more difficult challenge when seeking compensation, and knowing those exceptions when uninvited guests are not trespassers. There is a certain expectation that certain people will use walkways and entrance ways to approach a home’s door. You might be classified as a business invitee or a licensee in some cases if you are entering the property for legitimate purposes.

People who are hurt in one of these situations should do everything possible to recover compensation. The attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help those people who find themselves caught in one of these unfortunate situations.