Wrongful Death Lawyers in Killeen, Texas

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Wrongful death occurs more often than you’d think. Accidents of all types can be caused by someone’s negligence. For instance, a motorist may be driving to work and get hit hard on the driver’s side by a texting driver who wasn’t watching the road. The highways are full of distracted drivers these days and people just don’t pay attention anymore to their driving.

But wrongful death covers more than just automobile accidents. Often, workers in high risk jobs are killed. Construction work is one of the major professions where people get killed each year. OHSA reports that over 4,600 workers were killed in the construction industry alone in 2011. Their latest figures show that each day across America, 13 people go to work at various jobs and never come home. 4 million workers are injured every year, many of them critically.

In many of these cases, someone else’s negligence caused the accident. Workplace injuries can happen in a number of ways, but some of the most prevalent are:

  • Roofing-Equipment gets old, worn and breaks and roofers fall off buildings.
  • Heavy construction-Scaffolding can get old and collapse.
  • Electrocutions-These take place in many industries each year.
  • Chemical plants-Precautions may be thrown to the wind when workers get behind.
  • Plants that handle toxic substances-You can quickly be overcome with hazardous fumes.

Motorcycle Deaths

Sadly, each year hundreds of motorcycle riders are killed on Texas roads. Since there’s no helmet law in Texas, a large number of those were not wearing a helmet. Even if you survive, the injuries can be so severe that you may never return to work. It can take years of medical treatments for spinal cord injuries and brain damage. If your family is going through this right now, then get help from a skilled Killeen law firm.

Household Accidents

Over 4,000 deaths occur in the home each year. Many times, parents leave dangerous chemicals under the sink where a toddler can get to them.  Many household accident death victims are under five years of age. This is a sad fact of life and it pays for parents to be diligent and wise. Many times, these deaths are preventable and occur because of negligence.

If you’ve lost a loved one or been seriously injured in an accident, then you may be able to recover many of the expenses. The accident investigation may uncover facts that lead you to believe that someone else was to blame.  You need a skilled legal team on your side in order to get the full financial compensation you deserve. When you have a law firm like Zinda Law Group PLLC in your corner, you can count on getting the money for damages, expenses, and losses.