Kingwood Man Forgets He Has Gun in Pocket, Accidentally Shoots Woman at Restaurant

An elderly woman is in critical condition after being shot while dining at Raffa's on West Lake Houston Pkwy. The shooting was accidental; the man who owned the gun was not aware that it was in his coat pocket. He said that he hadn't worn the jacket in a year and had forgotten that the gun was there. Had he known, he wouldn't have entered the restaurant with it. He does, however, have a license to carry a concealed weapon. Charges for reckless endangerment have not been filed, although they still could be.

The injured woman is a 71 year old grandmother. The bullet pierced her in the rear, went through her abdomen and into her chest. She is in serious condition at Ben Taub Hospital, although she is expected to recover.

The man, who is publicly very contrite, may face a personal injury claim from the injured woman, as his actions could be classified as negligent.

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