London Woman Dies After Illegal Silicone Injection at Philadelphia Hotel

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A 20 year old student from London lost her life after she allowed an unlicensed woman to inject silicone into her bottom, hoping to receive an enhancement to the area. Claudia Adusei and a friend had done this procedure once before, most likely with the same woman, and they were returning for another round of injections. The procedure was performed incorrectly, however, and silicone from the injection entered into Adusei’s vascular system and caused her heart to stop. Beauty salon injuries are becoming more common as less invasive procedures are invented and administered improperly.

Police believe that the two Londoners found the woman on the internet, and were hoping to get the procedure done at a price far lower than is standard practice in the industry. The woman in question has still not been found by police, and she will likely be charged with a host of offenses, including involuntary manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license. Her family is still reportedly in shock and has not decided whether to file a personal injury or  wrongful death claim against the woman.

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