Brain Injury Lawyers in Lubbock, Texas

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Brain Injury Lawyer in Lubbock

Suffering a brain injury in Lubbock, TX is cause for much concern. Brain injuries are very serious and often lead to further medical complications. The injured party can spend months, or years suffering from the debilitating effects of injuries to the brain. If the injury was caused by an unexpected circumstance like a car accident or work related accident, it is a good idea to begin looking into ways to take legal action on behalf of the victim. Zinda Law Group’s experienced brain injury lawyers can help.

A person suffering from brain injury is no longer capable of leading the normal life they once were accustomed to. Depending on the extent of the damage the victim may have trouble speaking, seeing or being mobile. Healing takes quite a bit of time and effort to regain some normal mental and physical attributes. Medical bills are going to continue piling up. Legal remedy is a viable way to cover some of the costs of this incredible pain and suffering.

When seeking legal representation for a brain injury it is important to do your due diligence. There are three critical questions to ask attorneys.

How Much Experience Do They Have in Brain Injury Law?

Many law firms take on various types of personal injury cases. Brain injuries involve a host of issues such as medical diagnosis, short-term and long-term disability, being able to attend school or go to work and loss of current and future income. It is best to have an attorney that is familiar with all the nuances that go along with this specific type of injury.

The attorney you choose must evaluate your case and use their knowledge from previous experience to assist you in getting a fair and generous settlement. The more brain injury victims they have helped the better odds of winning.

Are They a Good Fit?

Experience is not the only thing that matters in selecting your legal counsel. Ideally, you want an attorney that is going to go into the bullpen and fight hard on your behalf. This requires that there be a level of trust between you and your attorney.

Personality and communication are so important in tough cases of this nature. While you are chatting on the phone or in person make note of how they treat you. Does their manner come across as flat and uninterested? Or, do they show genuine concern about the victim and helping you find a legal solution?

This is a case where you need to rely on your gut feeling. The attorney you choose will be working very closely with you. Make sure you feel absolutely comfortable.

Will They Take Your Case?

The best brain injury lawyer in Lubbock is the one that sees the merits of your situation and decides to take the case. First, you will go through a brief evaluation via consultation to ensure your case is legally sound and winnable.

Seek out a firm that has the right amount of experience, desires to fight hard for victim compensation and has a provable winning record.