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Construction Accidents in Lubbock


No one is ever prepared to deal with a workplace injury to himself or a loved one, and construction site accident-related injuries can be particularly catastrophic. The construction industry has one of the highest work-related accident rates of any industry. Construction employees work grueling hours in conditions where many or all of the following factors create a heightened risk for injury: lack of fall protection, falling objects, heavy machinery, exposure to toxins, improperly wired or unprotected electrical power sources, ladders and scaffolds, power tools and the strain that comes with repetitive motions. Furthermore, families who rely on a construction as the primary breadwinner are often ill equipped to make ends meet without him or her working. Injury-related days off mean less income, potential injury exacerbation and quickly mounting bills (both medical and otherwise). If your employer shirks liability in your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, it is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Simple negligence—a responsible party’s careless act or failure to act—is the cause of many injury-causing construction site accidents, although liability can be difficult to assign because of the sheer number of different individuals and entities responsible for overseeing site operations and personnel. However, if any potentially responsible party so much as neglects to wipe up a spill or replace a broken tool that eventually plays a part in an on-site accident, that party can be held liable for its inaction. A party’s breach of its legal duty to protect workers creates a dangerous workplace environment. Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations prohibit such breaches, creating premises liability for the responsible party or parties. If a defective product caused your injury, the manufacturer and potentially the distributor of the product are legally liable for any such harm under a product liability theory.

Contact an attorney immediately. You are entitled to collect compensatory damages for negligence on the part of your employer or a third party. You could also be entitled to a punitive damages award if the responsible party’s accident-causing actions were willful, wanton or particularly reprehensible. Enforce your rights today.