Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents in Lubbock, TX

Motorcycle accidents occur quite often in the town of Lubbock, TX. In fact, in the year 2010, 210 people died from motorcycle accidents. Hundreds of other people received injuries. These injuries and deaths continue to occur to this date for a wide variety of reasons. From a legal aspect, a motorcycle driver can sue a vehicle driver if that person was in the wrong in an accident. Drivers are supposed to take special care around motorcycles, because the motorcycle drivers are so vulnerable to being hurt or killed. Any time a driver acts in a neglectful fashion, the motorcycle rider can hire an attorney for a personal injury suit. In situations in which a person dies, the immediate family of that person can sue for wrongful death.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents - Lubbock, TX

Many types of motorcycle accidents occur in the town of Lubbock. One common type of motorcycle accident occurs when the driver of another vehicle is inebriated. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs clouds a person’s judgment and reaction time. Many people have fallen victim to another person colliding with a motorcycle, because he or she was under the influence. This type of motorcycle accident can fall under the category of wrongful death and personal injury.

Unsafe lane changes is another type of motorcycle accident. When a driver cuts over to the right or left without thoroughly checking the mirrors for cars and motorcycles, an accident may occur. A motorcycle driver can be thrown off his or her bike from a person making an unsafe lane change. Neglect may be proven in court if the victim or the victim’s family can find witnesses that saw the accident occur.

Some drivers do not properly yield to the right of way. A result of such has landed quite a few motorcycle riders in the hospital and worse. Failure to stop at a red light can also cause a collision between a motorcycle and a car. In most cases, motorcycle riders suffer severe damages from these accidents. The ones who survive often have leg, arm, neck and head injuries as well as burns and cuts. A personal injury attorney can help an injured party collect compensation to pay for all the damages associated with the Motorcycle Accidents - Lubbock, TX.

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