Truck Accident Lawyers in McKinney, Texas

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When you find yourself involved in a truck accident in or around McKinney, it pays to have a solid attorney on your side. Truck accidents can be very difficult to deal with, as they can drain your ability to work. They can cause property damage, and in many cases, they will bring huge medical bills. Most people cannot afford these costs. More than 10 million people were involved in accidents on American roads last year, and you must get very lucky to avoid accidents for the entirety of your time as a driver. With that in mind, there are some critical things to know about truck accidents. If you have been involved in one, you would be wise to contact the attorneys at Zinda Law Group to provide critical legal assistance.

Determining the Parties at Fault

Your first challenge in a truck accident is figuring out who was at fault. You might think that would be easy. In some cases, though, multiple parties might be at fault. Simply suing the driver is probably not good enough, as he might be judgment-proof. You might also need to file a lawsuit against the trucking company that hired that driver. You may also file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the truck if it turns out that the truck malfunctioned in some meaningful way. A good attorney will help you identify all of the parties that might share responsibility for your accident.

Proving Fault in a Truck Accident Case

Like with all personal injury cases, a truck accident case will turn on whether one party was negligent. The critical question will revolve around whether a party was acting in a reasonable manner during the accident. The attorneys at Zinda Law Group has many years of experience doing just that. They will help you prove that the other driver caused the accident. They will also help you show that the other driver’s negligence caused the physical, mental, and emotional injuries that followed.

Dealing with a Settlement Discussion

You will find that most trucking companies and truckers have insurance providers that will deal with their civil defense. These companies may want to take things to trial though this is rare. They will usually try to work out a deal with you so that you won’t drag them through an expensive legal proceeding. How are you to know if it’s a good idea to settle? You may not know, and this is where a good attorney can help. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group can be your advocate in the settlement room. They can work to ensure that you get the best possible deal. If the settlement is not good enough, then they will prepare for trial.

Going to Trial on a Truck Accident Claim

If the settlement process doesn’t suit you, then you can always take the case to trial. Your attorney will serve as your ambassador on the front lines in those proceedings. Juries are often sympathetic to people who have been injured, and your attorney will work to get the best possible judgment from a McKinney jury.