Midland Drug Injury Attorneys

Medication is supposed to help those who are sick. Pharmaceutical companies are required to follow explicit and thorough testing procedures before new medication goes on the market. Federal and state regulatory agencies are charged with ensuring that manufacturers adhere to established protocols. All of this is intended to prevent the public from being exposed to products that can end up doing more harm than good.

Drug Companies Must be Responsible

It is perceived that drug companies also have a moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that patients are receiving medication that is safe. It is well-documented and established the some products are rushed to market while companies know that they are not safe. Putting profit ahead of safety to the detriment of innocent patients is a practice that sadly happens more than the public is led to believe. Companies with deep pockets can employ a risk-management strategy that includes the cost of settling or litigating liability claims. This approach involves an estimation of how much profit can be retained after paying settlements and satisfying judgments. Products that can harm consumers are sold even if they are known to be flawed or dangerous. Companies that employ this approach demonstrate little concern for consumer safety or the impact that taking certain medication can have on the lives of innocent victims.

Mistakes Happen and Patients Suffer

Dangerous products also hit the market when companies unintentionally make mistakes. The misinterpretation of data, improper testing procedures or asking the wrong questions can lead to the release of medication that is not safe. Problems may not be discovered until a number of patients become ill or die as a result of taking a particular medication. Drug injuries can also stem from errors that originate during the manufacturing process. Wrong ingredients can be incorporated into a batch of medication. Incorrect proportions can be mixed and produced. Improper labeling or dosage instructions can lead to harmful reactions or dangerous interactions with other medication.

Victims Have Rights

Patients are the ones who suffer no matter how or why drug injuries occur. Dealing with an illness, injury or disease is hard enough. Learning that a medication caused or contributed to a more serious problem can be devastating. Texas law gives victims the right to claim damages that stem from drug injuries. Midland residents should seek straightforward advice, guidance and fierce advocacy from attorneys who know what it takes to hold drug companies accountable for their actions. Schedule a free consultation with an attentive attorney who can answer questions and discuss options. Call 800-863-5312 and begin the process of seeking justice and compensation today.