Millions of Eggs Recalled Due to Salmonella Outbreak

Over 200 people in California and hundreds others in a few states have caught salmonella poisoning from tainted eggs. Over 380 million eggs, about 32 million cartons, have been recalled by Wright County Egg. The eggs are packaged and distributed under different brand names, including Ralph's, Lucern, Albertsons, Kemp, Farm Fresh, and Mountain Dairy. Wright County Egg also supplies restaurants with eggs.

States that have reported increases in salmonella poisonings are Texas, California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona, Illinois, Nevada, and North Carolina.

Even with the egg recall, health officials expect the number of incidents to increase.

Salmonella usually causes stomach cramps, diarrhea, and fever. It can be avoided by thoroughly cooking eggs, but not all dishes require the eggs to be cooked, which is where much of the danger lies.

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