Missouri Man Killed in Kansas Rodeo Accident

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A 22-year-old man from Missouri was recently killed when his attempt at bull riding ended in disaster. According to a Kentucky new station, the young man was riding a 1,700 bull at the Allen County Fair Rodeo when he was bucked off and trampled. The cowboy was wearing a vest and helmet to prevent harmful injuries, but the extra precautions weren’t enough. He was thrown just after leaving the gate, though he was trying to hold on for an eight-second ride. The cowboy has now been identified as Justin Jeffries.

Authorities say that Jeffries was kicked off in such a way that he fell below the bull’s hind hooves in the dirt. The raging bull stomped Jeffries in the chest and abdomen, and the 1,700 pounds inflicted irreversible damage. The terrible calamity was the first fatality in the 27-year history of the Allen County Fair Rodeo. Officials say that Jeffries was in his first year as a member of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association. The young may have been inexperienced, or given a bull that was too violent and rough for his fresh status.

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