How to Negotiate a Car Accident Injury Claim with Farmers Insurance

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Farmers Insurance provides automobile policies for consumers and is known for their commercials in which a spokesperson educates an ignorant consumer as to the true limits of their “old” insurance policies while touting the coverage they could have with Farmers.

But even the best auto insurance policy is worthless if the company the policy is through will not pay your claim after a car accident.

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Negotiating an Injury Claim with Farmers

Because it is a business first and foremost, Farmers Insurance exists to make a profit. The way Farmers Insurance makes a profit is by collecting more money in the form of premium payments than it pays out in claims. For example, if Farmers collects $10,000 in premiums from you but then must pay a claim worth $20,000, Farmers loses money. To prevent this from happening, Farmers (like other insurance companies) assign claim adjustors to each new claim that is filed.

It is the adjustor’s job to settle your claim for as little money as possible. If the adjustor knows you do not have the money to pay for repair bills or medical expenses, the adjustor may attempt to delay your claim just long enough that you feel compelled to accept any settlement offer just so you can have some compensation. Or the adjustor may try to argue that the settlement Farmers Insurance is offering is “standard” and that you should therefore consider the settlement fair, even if it does not fully compensate you.

Important Tips

It is possible to negotiate a higher settlement with your Farmers Insurance adjustor. Your success in doing so will depend on a number of factors including your individual adjustor, the strength of your claim, and how long the negotiations take (amongst other factors). You may be able to increase your chances of success by following these tips:

Know the facts of your case and stick to them:

If the adjustor can get you to second-guess your responsibility for the accident or doubt important details, you are in a weaker negotiating position and the adjustor can use that to justify a lower settlement amount.

After a car accident, therefore, write down what happened and stick to that story. Confidence in the facts of your claim will help you negotiate from a place of strength.

Know how much your claim is worth:

While this certainly involves some measure of subjectivity, you should have an idea in your mind of what your claim is worth and what the least amount of money is that you would accept as a settlement before you begin negotiating with your adjustor.

Add up all the costs and losses you experienced as a result of the accident, including medical bills, treatment costs, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other such losses.

Be prepared to justify the amounts you are claiming for these and any other losses. While you can expect your initial offer to be rejected, you should not feel compelled to accept a settlement offer from Farmers that is below your minimum number.

Keep persuasive evidence like photographs available:

If you take photographs of your injuries and any property damage soon after an accident, chances are these pictures will tell a much more accurate story than the photographs the adjustor will take several hours or days after the accident.

Preserving the severity of the injuries and damage in the form of photographs can be useful in justifying a higher settlement.

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