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Last updated on: April 17, 2013


 Zinda Law Group Can Help You

Our attorneys handle all types of personal injury claims including those caused by an auto accident, a slip and fall, dog bites or injuries that arise in a construction environment.  Whether you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, a train accident or a faulty product, the attorneys at Zinda Law Group want to help you.  No matter the seriousness of the injuries, from soft tissue to serious and catastrophic injuries such as loss of limb or sight, spinal cord injuries including paralysis, or closed-head / traumatic brain injuries (TBI), our firm is ready to assist you.

In a serious personal injury case, there is no substitute for an experienced and knowledgeable legal advocate. That’s why our firm is dedicated to giving people the legal assistance they need. To file a claim, you will need full documentation of any injuries you have suffered, along with the related expenses, but we can help you to document this.  Damages often include medical bills, hospital and rehabilitation expenses, current and future economic losses due to disability, replacement of damaged property and lost wages.

In addition,  non-economic losses associated with your accident and injury will need to be addressed and accounted for.  If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury or accident, you may be dealing with the emotional or psychological stress, pain and suffering, depression, and a loss of enjoyment of life. Accident victims are often left with enduring emotional, psychological and physical scars. Although these damages are not financial, or even readily apparent, you may deserve monetary compensation for them as well. At Zinda Law Group, we are focused on serving our clients and helping them to obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries. To see what an attorney from the firm can do for you, contact us today to speak with an attorney about your case.

Injuries from Accidents

Have you been injured through no fault of your own or while working on or visiting a construction site?  Construction sites that are not properly designed or inspected can easily be wrought with hazardous materials or areas that could be dangerous to both workers and innocent bystanders.    We have experienced construction accident attorneys who understand the laws governing construction site injuries and can help you with your claim for personal injuries or accident.  Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys can help you to make the best decisions possible and get the compensation that you deserve.

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group handle a wide range of construction injury cases for workers and private citizens, including claims involving dangerous or unsafe working conditions that arise from:

  • OSHA violations
  • Fire, explosions, or electrical shock
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Negligently operated or faulty machinery and equipment
  • Improperly constructed scaffolding

In addition, we represent workers and others who have been injured because of negligently or poorly maintained work sites including:

  • Failure to post or inadequate warnings
  • Improper lighting
  • Poor and or improper ventilation
  • Use of old or defective materials
  • Improperly stored materials

Making Them Pay

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group are knowledgeable and experienced and can represent you whether you were involved in a bus crash, a motorcycle accident, or a wrongful death claim.  If you have been injured or loved one has been killed, we hope you will let Zinda Law Group handle your claim.   In partnership with you, our attorneys can take care of all the hassles of filling out paperwork and filing claims.  We will pursue all available remedies for you and see that justice is done for you and your loved ones.

When accidents are caused by a person’s negligence or poor decision making or even absentmindedness, you want to hold someone liable for the injuries that resulted.  From scaffolding failures to roofing accidents involving building collapses, to falling objects or work site debris, knowing that you have the legal right to take action against a construction company is important especially – in the case of death.  A wrongful death claim can provide compensation for the loss of your loved one, and it can also hold the person or corporation responsible for your injuries accountable.  While money can never replace the love, care and support your loved one gave you, it can serve to hold the offending party accountable for the death of your loved one and provide a deterrent effect by keeping the them from further harming others.

Letting Zinda Law Group handle the claim for you can bring peace of mind.  No matter what type of construction accident caused you injuries, the important thing to remember is that legal assistance is available.   If you have been injured, whether working at a construction site or elsewhere, the attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help you file a personal injury lawsuit or a workers’ compensation claim. We have experience in filing claims for many types of personal injuries, and we have expertise in successfully resolving claims for construction site injuries and accidents.  Rest assured that we will use all our resources to get fair compensation for all of your injuries.

Why You Should Choose Zinda Law Group

At Zinda Law Group we will work hard to protect your rights and we will fight aggressively for your case.  Not only will we work to obtain the highest award possible, but we will see that the responsible party is held accountable for their misdeeds.  That way, you can concentrate on your recovery and rebuilding your life while we take care of the rest.

If you were injured in an accident that caused you physical harm, or emotional and psychological trauma, you are legally entitled to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.  You can do exactly that with the help of the caring and compassionate attorneys at Zinda Law Group.  We can get your medical bills paid, make sure your settlement covers both economic and non-economic damages, and make sure you are amply compensated for any damaged property.

At Zinda Law Group, we know that accidents and injuries happen, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be avoided.  If you’ve been hurt, or a loved one has been injured or killed, as a result of an accident or incident, you need to contact Zinda Law Group today for a free consultation.  We are here to help you and we want you see you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured and need experienced legal representation, then you need to call us.  Your call is free and the consultation is free too.  Unless we recover compensation for you, we don’t get paid.  You won’t pay us anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries.  Be sure to check out our No Fee Guarantee.  We even put it in writing!  That way you can eliminate your out-of-pocket risk by hiring Zinda Law Group, knowing that we will work hard for you.  You have our word that we will get you the compensation and justice that you need and deserve.

If you would like to learn more about Zinda Law Group, check out our informative videos or our blog.  We also pages filled with client testimonials where you can read about their personal experiences with the attorneys in our firm.

We are proud to provide you with the tools and resources that can help you to make the right decisions regarding your case.  At Zinda Law Group, we want to support you in achieving the best outcome, and we hope that you will choose us to assist you in achieving that.  If you would like to discuss your case with an attorney, please call Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 to speak with one today.

We look forward to hearing from you!