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Bicycling is a great form of exercise and an alternative means of transportation, especially in crowded urban settings.  However, bicyclists are especially vulnerable in accidents due to their lack of protection and the size and speed of the other vehicle.

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Bicyclists are often much more vulnerable than drivers or passengers inside a vehicle, and often suffer far more severe injuries as a result. Some of the most common injuries sustained by victims of a bicycle accident include:


If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you should take the following steps:

Immediately Seek Medical Attention

If you have been in a bicycle accident, you should seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not immediately believe you have been injured.  Many injuries may not be readily apparent until after the adrenaline has worn off.   Other injuries may even harder to detect, such as internal bleeding.

File a Police Report

When filing a police report, be sure to identify the other vehicle or responsible party involved as specifically as possible, especially if the vehicle fled the scene.  The police officer may generally gather the other party’s contact and insurance information as well.

Document the Accident

You should identify any witnesses who may be able to provide statements for your New Mexico bike accident lawyer to use in support of your claim. Be sure to collect important information for your case including:

  • The make, model, color, and license plate numbers of the other vehicle(s) involved
  • Names, addresses, and insurance information of both the driver(s) and vehicle owner(s)
  • Name of the attending officer who was at the scene

This information may be helpful to your lawyer when they investigate the accident.  Gathering visible or tangible evidence is also very important. Use your phone or a camera to take pictures of the scene of the accident before your bicycle and the other vehicle(s) are moved.  Take as detailed photos as possible and take note of any property damage.  Be sure to obtain your own copies of all documentation, including police reports and ambulance reports.  You should also remain in contact with the police and request that they regularly provide you with any updates regarding your case.

Contact an Attorney

If you have been involved in an accident while riding a bicycle in New Mexico, you should contact an experienced bike accident lawyer as soon as possible.  Your attorney may help you understand your legal options and calculate the compensation you may be entitled to.

It is often especially important to hire an attorney before speaking with the insurance company, as they may attempt to gather statements from you that could be used to dispute your claim or allow the insurer to dispute the other party’s liability for your injuries.  It is generally in your best interest to refer the insurance company to your lawyer rather than attempting to provide them with information on your own.

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Each case is unique, so the amount of compensation typically varies.  The amount of compensation that your specific case is worth is determined by several factors, including:

  • The specifics of how your bicycle accident was caused
  • How many parties may be liable for your damages
  • The severity of your injuries
  • The availability of compensation from insurance policies.

The amount of damages you suffered in the bicycle accident may generally include:

  • Any medical expenses, such as hospital bills, physical therapy cost, medication, medical devices, or the cost of any future treatment that may be required to continue treating your injuries
  • Any income lost while you were unable to work after the accident
  • Pain and suffering damages for the physical or emotional pain suffered as a result of your injuries, such as the back pain caused by a spinal injury or migraines caused by a traumatic brain injury


Other significant factors impacting your compensation may include the cause of the accident and whether the party at fault was driving recklessly or willfully struck your bicycle.  In some cases, punitive damages may be available if the other party caused the accident in such a manner as to rise above simple negligence. In these cases, the court or jury may impose punitive damages to punish the other party for this behavior or to warn others in society to avoid this egregious behavior.

While the state of New Mexico does not place a limit on punitive damages, it must be evident that the party at fault caused the accident by exhibiting gross negligence or intentionally showing reckless disregard for your safety and wellbeing.


To avoid diminishing the value of your claim during your claims process, you should refrain from commenting on your bicycle accident on social media.  It is generally in your best interest to use social media as little as possible during your claims process.  Engaging in social media may make you appear to be physically and emotionally healthy, and an insurance company may use that as evidence to claim that you are not experiencing pain and suffering, and therefore offer a lower settlement offer.  You should also keep any receipts for expenses related to your injury including medical expenses, damages, and necessary repairs.  You should provide these receipts as evidence of costs that you incurred as a result of the accident.


Each case is unique, and therefore, each case will generally differ in the amount of time required to settle. The length of time required to settle your case is dependent upon several factors including:

  • The severity of the injuries you sustained
  • The amount of medical expenses incurred
  • Whether or not liability is disputed
  • The cooperation of the other party’s insurance company in settling

Settling a personal injury case may take several months or even a few years depending upon whether the other party’s liability is seriously contested or questionable.  Cases with strong evidence indicating the liability of the other party tend to be less complex and require less time to settle.  However, even in these cases, various other factors may affect the duration, such as determining the full extent of your injuries and identifying what future treatment you will need.


Each personal injury case typically follows a general timeline:


After you have hired an experienced New Mexico bike accident lawyer, your attorney may thoroughly investigate the accident and gather evidence proving the other person’s liability for your injuries. This investigation may include searching the scene of the accident, examining any photographs or videos, collecting witness statements, conducting depositions with the other party, or other investigative strategies intended to gain evidence to support your claim for any compensation that you may be entitled to.

Computing Damages

When filing a personal injury claim, your lawyer may generally compute the amount of damages, whether economic or non-economic, that you have suffered as a result of the accident.  The cost of current and future medical expenses must generally be factored in, with this amount depending on the severity of your injuries and the extent of your required medical treatment. Other damages may include:

  • Property damage from your crushed bicycle
  • Lost income from missed work
  • Your pain and suffering caused by your injuries
  • Punitive damages if the other party’s behavior was especially negligent or reckless

Negotiating with the Insurer

After factoring in medical costs, your attorney may collect your medical records, bills, and income statements and use them to compose a demand letter describing the nature of your injuries and the extent to which your injuries have adversely affected your quality of life.  When the insurance company responds, settlement negotiations begin with both sides making counteroffers and disputing elements of the claim until the parties reach an acceptable settlement agreement to avoid the expenses of a trial.


The majority of personal injury cases are settled without proceeding to trial.  However, if the opposing party’s insurance agency does not agree to a settlement, your attorney may have to take your case to trial to prove the other party’s liability for your injuries and pursue compensation from a New Mexico jury.


A bicycle accident can cause severe physical injuries as well as mental and emotional distress.  The experienced New Mexico bike accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group may help you seek the compensation you may be entitled to.  Your attorney may conduct an investigation that gathers evidence proving the other party was responsible for the accident and is liable for your injuries, as well as evidence proving the extent of your injuries and need for future treatment, if any.  Your attorney may help level the playing field with the insurance company by negotiating with their team of lawyers to reach a settlement agreement.


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