Hit by a Doordash Delivery Driver in New Mexico

Last updated on: February 22, 2021


Food delivery applications and services are on the rise across the United States. Unfortunately, sometimes the employees of these companies are involved in collisions while on the clock. Unfortunately, victims of DoorDash accidents may suffer from serious injuries and hefty medical expenses.

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What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is an American food delivery service that allows customers to order take-out food for delivery or pickup. DoorDash lets customers order online from restaurants that may not have their own online ordering platforms. DoorDash, along with other delivery services, has proven especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic because it provides an easy way for people to support their favorite local businesses, while still social distancing. Depending on what part of New Mexico you live in, there may be different restaurants available to you for delivery.

Like many other app-based companies, DoorDash drivers plan out their own hours and accept delivery requests whenever they are available to work. While a DoorDash driver is fulfilling a delivery request for the company, they are under DoorDash’s scope of employment. Thus, DoorDash may be held liable for any injuries that arise out of the driver’s conduct in the course of his employment.

DoorDash drivers are becoming increasingly common on New Mexico roads as the company’s popularity grows. With more DoorDash drivers on the roads, your odds of being hit by one are higher. In some cases, DoorDash may cover your injuries, but the driver may be responsible in other situations. If you have been hit by a DoorDash delivery driver in New Mexico, it may be beneficial to speak with an attorney who specializes in injury cases to help you allocate liability appropriately.

What do I do after being hit by a DoorDash driver?

Automobile collisions can be frustrating for drivers and passengers alike. Dealing with a collision may take significant amounts of time and energy. Accidents may also cause uncomfortable injuries and devastating property damage. Due to the seriousness of automobile accidents, it is imperative that drivers know what to do if they are hit by a DoorDash driver. There are six steps that motorists should follow if they are involved in an accident. These steps include the following:

Get to Safety

Automobile accidents may cause confusion and panic for those involved. Although there are many important steps that you should take when involved in an accident, safety should be your first priority. If you are hit by another vehicle, you should immediately focus on moving your car to safety. Roadways and highways are inherently dangerous, and you may injure yourself further if you are unable to get to a safe meeting place quickly. If the car accident is minor, you should move the vehicles out of traffic and to a safe location. After you find a safe place, you should turn your vehicle off and turn on your hazard lights to alert other approaching vehicles.

Get Medical Attention

After you have moved your vehicle to a safe location, you should call 911. The reporting ambulance will be able to tend to your injuries and make sure that you do not need further medical attention. If you do need further medical attention, you may be transported to a hospital for treatment. If further treatment is not immediately necessary, you should visit your primary care doctor shortly after the incident to check on your health and well-being. Many injuries do not show until days after the initial impact, which may make it difficult to diagnose initially. Your primary care doctor may be able to make sure that you are healing properly. Additionally, a healthcare professional will draft a report of your injuries, which you may be able to use later on if you wish to pursue legal action.

Collect All Information

After you are no longer in danger, you should gather information from others involved in the accident. You should collect as much information as possible from the other drivers, including driver’s license numbers, insurance policy cards, and contact information. If possible, you should try to collect information from eyewitnesses as well. Having this information up front may make it easier to file a claim later on.

File a Report

Documentation is imperative in cases involving damages and fault. If contacted, the responding police officer will draft a report of the specifics of the accident. The report will likely include information about witnesses, injuries, and property damage. This police report may be a crucial piece of evidence if you later wish to pursue a legal case against the responsible company or driver.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you sustained property damage during an accident, it is important that you contact your insurance company and file a report. Your insurance company should be able to help you contact the responsible party. Initiating contact with the company will help move along the process and speed up your claim.

Speak with a Lawyer

Negotiating with large companies can sometimes be difficult. If you have been injured, it may be best to speak with a lawyer who can help you negotiate with these companies and potentially get the highest settlement possible.

How do I file a claim against DoorDash in New Mexico?

Filing a legal claim against a large company with ample resources can be intimidating. DoorDash is a large company and likely has an even larger budget to spend on legal representatives. If you have been injured by a DoorDash driver, you should first speak with a legal professional of your own. Retaining an attorney may make the claim process quicker and simpler.

Documentation is extremely important in a collision claim. To obtain this documentation, victims usually must go through an investigative stage. In this investigation stage, your lawyer may collect all of the relevant documents and evidence necessary to file your claim with the court. Here, your lawyer will likely utilize the information that you collected at the scene of the accident. Thus, it may be beneficial to keep this information in a safe location in preparation for this stage of the legal process. You should do your best to provide all insurance information to your attorney, even if you believe that DoorDash was liable for the accident. DoorDash requires that their drivers carry their own personal policies for their vehicles. If you were hit by one of these drivers, you should get information from the driver’s personal policy and their employment information.

Settlement discussions can begin any time after the accident. Once the insurance company or opposing party sends you an offer, be sure to discuss the offer with your lawyer. Do not accept before hearing the advice of your attorney. Depending on the offer, your attorney may be able to negotiate and win you a higher amount.

What can a New Mexico personal injury lawyer do for me?

New Mexico personal injury cases are often difficult to understand. An New Mexico injury attorney may be able to help you sort through the red tape and settle your case more efficiently. There are a few key things that a personal injury attorney can do for you.

Assess Party Liability

An experienced lawyer may be able to help you assess the facts of your claim and allocate party liability. In cases involving DoorDash drivers, it may be difficult to determine who is responsible for the damages. DoorDash drivers are classified as independent contractors, which means it is not as easy to hold the company liable for the actions of its drivers as if they were considered employees. A New Mexico injury lawyer may be able to help you identify which parties you may hold liable and bring a claim accordingly.

Assist in Evidence Collection and Organization

In DoorDash accident cases, you need evidence to establish liability. Documentation provides an important paper trail for any bodily injuries or property damage. An attorney may be able to help you collect and organize your records in the most effective way possible.


File with the Court

A New Mexico attorney may be able to help you file your complaint and documents on time with the court. Local attorneys may know the court processes of their town better than outside attorneys. An attorney may be able to help you move your case forward with the court.

Negotiate a Settlement

Collision cases often involve insurance companies. These insurance companies often provide an appropriate avenue for redress. An experienced lawyer may be able to assist you in conducting negotiations to help you seek a fair settlement amount.

Get help from Zinda Law Group

If you were injured after a DoorDash delivery accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. These types of accidents can be devastating for victims, especially if they are unable to win any compensation for their damages. If you were injured in an accident with a DoorDash delivery driver, you should contact a New Mexico injury attorney as soon as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help you seek legal recourse, evaluate your claim’s merits, and negotiate a fair settlement for your loss.

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