Newborn Circumcised Despite Mother’s Protest


A Florida mother is suing the South Miami Hospital where she gave birth because they circumcised her newborn son, despite the fact that she had not signed a consent form and she had repeatedly told doctors and nurses that it was against her beliefs and against her family’s tradition.

Vera Delgado is one of a growing number of people in the United States who are forgoing circumcision. Many doctors have stated that they see no reason for it to be standard procedure, and many other countries do not practice it in general.

The personal injury suit is asking for $1 million in damages for the deformity that circumcision caused. She believes that the unauthorized surgery is akin to battery. The hospital has admitted error and apologized, but has also stated that they do not believe this is a case of medical malpractice, and that it was just a misread consent form.

Other victims of unauthorized surgeries in the past have successfully fought for compensation for their injuries.

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