No Recovery, No Fee – Zinda Law Group, Personal Injury Attorneys

Last updated on: October 30, 2012


When you hire a lawyer from our firm, you can breathe easier knowing that you will be working with someone on a contingency fee basis. Simply put, this means that unless we are able to win something for you, you don’t pay us a dime. We know the stresses associated with these types of claims and we provide our clients with the supportive atmosphere they need to move forward as painlessly and carefully as possible.

By providing such tools as a free case evaluation and the ability to work on a contingent basis, we work constantly at giving our clients the best possible chance of success. We will be there to help you, whether that means that we meet you at your home, in the hospital room or in another location that is convenient and comfortable for you. We are there to provide supportive representation that you can trust in order to help you through this trying time in every way possible.

How Our Contingent Basis Works

How will you afford legal representation when you’re struggling with the thought of the expensive medical bills and repair costs that you have been burdened with as a result of an accident that left you injured? This is a common concern among many of the personal injury victims who are contemplating whether or not to legally pursue their accident with a professional. Fortunately, at Zinda Law Group, this is not a worry that our clients will have. Operating on contingency fees, we do not expect the clients we represent to pay us anything until their case has been successfully resolved and compensation has been recovered.

At Zinda Law Group, our experienced team of legal professionals firmly believes in the right to legal representation. As such, we are unwilling to let the victims of injury accidents in Texas go unrepresented when they wish to take legal action for the physical and / or emotional harm that was sustained through the reckless or negligent actions of another. Instead, we offer contingency fees to ensure that every individual who has been wrongfully injured can take the legal action necessary to resolve the issue that has left them personally harmed in any way.

As you consider whether or not taking legal action is the right choice for you, consider the cost of not doing so. In the end, you could be left to pay for thousands of dollars in medical bills and additional losses from time off work. When you choose to work with an attorney from Zinda Law Group, however, you will stand a better chance of being compensated for your injuries. Rather than face the possibility of losing more of your hard-earned money, you can instead utilize the skills of our legal team. Together, we will devise a plan of action that is best suited to recover damages on your behalf.

No fees, expenses or costs are charged to clients, unless Zinda Law Group makes a recovery on their behalf, or other arrangements are specifically made in advance. The Firm’s legal fees are computed as a percentage of the total recovery obtained. If no recovery is obtained, clients are NOT liable for the firm’s legal fees or expenses.