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Last updated on: December 7, 2018

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The personal injury attorneys of Zinda Law Group have built an outstanding record of success by bringing extensive experience, thorough preparation, and aggressive representation to all our cases.

We are proud of the verdicts and settlements that we have achieved for our deserving clients. The following is a sample of just some of the results our firm has helped obtain on behalf of our clients.

Where are the amounts? We leave out the amount of our settlements because we believe it can be misleading.  Every case is different, and it is impossible to base your recovery on someone else’s. Only after a thorough investigation can an attorney even begin to give you an idea of what you may be entitled to under the law. 

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Wrongful Death / Roll Over Accident

Settlement Received by Family of Roll Over Accident Victim
A young woman was involved in a roll-over car accident in which she was injured and the young woman’s father was killed. Jack Zinda represented the client and recovered the maximum amount available from the insurance of the responsible party.

Wrongful Death / Father Killed / Car Accident

Father of Three Killed by Negligent Driver
A driver negligently drove across the middle line early one morning killing another driver and severely injuring the passenger. Jack Zinda’s client recovered the maximum amount available from the insurance of the responsible party and their own insurance.

Catastrophic Injury / Rear-Ended / Lost Wages / Married Couple

Compensation Won for Injured Married Couple 
Shortly after a married couple pulled over on the shoulder of a main road to inspect their vehicle, a speeding truck rear-ended them. Faced with severe pain, injuries, significant medical bills, and lost wages, they turned to Zinda Law Group for help. After a thorough investigation of the wreck, Jack Zinda, Joseph Caputo, and Ryan Toomey were able to help our clients receive compensation for their damages.

Catastrophic Injury / Pedestrian / Distracted Driver / Multiple Life Threatening Injuries

Award Received for Our Client After Extensive Investigations
Our client was walking across the street towards his apartment building when a reckless driver struck him going over 30 mph. Our client sustained multiple fractures, contusions, lacerations, hemotomas, and dislocations, in addition to severe physical pain and emotional trauma from the incident. After an extensive investigation that involved multiple witnesses including the manager of a nearby business, attorneys Jack Zinda, Joseph Caputo, and Christina Hagen were able to prove that the at-fault driver should have seen our client, and that our client was entitled to maximum compensation for his physical injuries and pain and suffering.

Catastrophic Injury / Hazardous Driving Conditions / Car Wreck

Our Client Received Compensation for Medical Bills and Non-Economic Damages
Our client was driving early on a snowy evening to meet some friends when another driver crossed over into his lane and caused a head on collision. Airbags deployed, our client hit his head and broke his hip, and was promptly transported to a nearby hospital. After a week-long stay under medical supervision, he hired Zinda Law Group. Attorneys Jack Zinda, Joseph Caputo, Christina Hagen, and Ryan Toomey were able to fight on his behalf and helped him receive the compensation he deserved for his injuries.

Car Accident / SUV / Catastrophic Injury / Limb Amputation

Driver and Passenger, Both Critically Injured in Accident, Received Compensation in Settlement
Our client was driving an SUV down a busy road, following traffic laws, while another vehicle abruptly merged in the lane, smashing into our client’s vehicle and causing it to roll over repeatedly. Our client’s hand was severely damaged and the other passenger’s leg had to be amputated. Jack Zinda, Joseph Caputo, and Ryan Toomey were able to mount an effective case and help the client receive maximum compensation for his damages.

Car Accident / Injured While Pregnant

Settlement Reached Against Negligent Opposing Motorist
Our client, who was pregnant at the time of the accident, was patiently sitting in gridlock traffic when her vehicle was struck from behind by an 18-wheeler. As a result, she underwent a series of contractions and was admitted for delivery of her baby on three separate occasions, but was unable to fully deliver, despite being deemed full term. In light of the physical damages and pain and suffering caused by the accident, our client initially asked for a modest settlement from an adjuster, which they were promptly denied. They decided to enlist the help of Jack Zinda, Joseph Caputo, Ryan Toomey, and the other attorneys of Zinda Law Group, who were ultimately able to litigate and obtain a sizable reward for our client.

Pedestrian / Catastrophic Injury / Permanent Scarring and Damage

Thorough Investigations Led to Our Client Receiving Compensation for Life Threatening Injuries
Two newlywed foreign nationals were visiting the US for their honeymoon. They were walking through an airport terminal on their way to depart for home when a distressed driver rapidly accelerated, pinning our client to a nearby vehicle outside the terminal. While our client fortunately survived, she was left with extreme injuries including many broken bones throughout her body, and her husband had to watch in terror as his wife was unexpectedly met with life threatening injuries. Despite the fact that our clients are not US citizens, attorneys Jack Zinda, Joe Caputo, and Ryan Toomey were still able to mount an effective case and investigation. By gathering the necessary evidence and arguing for the fair and necessary compensation our clients deserved, he was able to help our client receive full policy limits.

Traumatic Brain Injury / Pickup Truck / Commercial Vehicle Policy / Catastrophic Injury

Our Client Receives Compensation to Account for Significant Head and Foot Injuries Resulting from Accident
A pickup truck failed to cede right of way to our client, leading to a severe head-on collision that resulted in multiple chronic and debilitating brain and foot injuries. After struggling with the pain of the accident, our client hired attorneys Jack Zinda and Joseph Caputo. They fought diligently on behalf of our client, and was able to prove that the third party was 100% liable and our client did nothing to contribute to the accident. Additionally, he was able to prove that our client was owed far more in recovery than the initial settlement she was offered, and managed to win our client a much more fair award for her damages.

Commercial Vehicle Policy / Lost Wages / Neck and Back Injuries

Truck Crash Causes Back and Neck Injuries and Missed Work
Our client was preparing to make a turn in his vehicle when he was rear-ended by a commercial truck driver. The wreck caused our client to sustain back and neck injuries that required him to undergo physical therapy and to miss a significant amount of time at work. Zinda Law Group was able to recover damages for his injuries and lost wages.

If you would like more examples please contact us and we would be happy to provide them to you.

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