Common Causes of Bus Accidents: Equipment

Last updated on: August 26, 2015


Although bus travel has been around for quite some time, commercial buses remain technologically complex. Various systems and equipment on buses ensure the bus can start when the key is turned, that electrical devices and equipment function properly, and that the bus can be brought to a stop safely. Bus companies must take care to properly maintain their fleet, however, as these systems are subject to normal wear and tear.

A bus accident in which there is no obvious fault or error by any driver should be investigated for possible equipment failure. Where a bus driver ignores clear indicators that the bus’s equipment is faulty and a crash results, that bus driver may be personally liable for any injuries passengers or other motorists sustain. A company that fails to properly maintain its fleet of buses can also be held responsible for injuries that occur in a bus crash. At Zinda Law Group, we know how to investigate bus accidents for evidence of faulty equipment and know how to present this evidence in court to maximize your chances of recovering compensation.

Why Bus Companies May Not Maintain Their Fleets

It seems counterintuitive: why would a bus company deliberately fail to maintain their buses in good running order? Oftentimes it comes down to money. A bus company makes a profit when it takes in more money in income than it expends in expenses. Buses are expensive to maintain in good working order. They are even more expensive to replace. Some carriers may postpone regular maintenance checkups, reasoning that there will be enough time to catch any problems before a crash occurs. Even when they are aware a problem exists, they may delay in fixing it under a mistaken belief that they can fix the problem before the part fails. All of these tactics gamble with the lives of bus passengers: the carrier hopes that, by saving a few dollars today, they can postpone having to expend the time and money necessary to correct the problem.

Who is at Fault When Bus Equipment Fails?

When bus equipment fails and a crash results, our primary concern is getting our injured clients the compensation they need for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses. To do this, we conduct an investigation aimed at discovering all parties whose carelessness or negligence caused or contributed to the crash. Responsible parties may include

  • The bus driver, if he or she knew or should have known the bus was not in safe working order, but chose to drive the bus anyway;
  • The bus company, if the bus company delayed performing maintenance or repairs;
  • The mechanic (if different from the bus company), if the mechanic should have been able to see a problem with the bus but failed to fix the problem;
  • The manufacturer of a bus part or system if that part was designed defectively or produced in a defective condition;

Turn to Zinda Law Group for Help

Only experience can give a bus accident attorney the know-how necessary to investigate and determine whether a bus accident was caused by an equipment failure and, if so, who is responsible. Our attorneys at Zinda Law Group have helped numerous bus accident clients uncover the people responsible for their injuries and have obtained compensation for their losses and expenses. During your free initial consultation, we will analyze the particular facts of your case and form a preliminary strategy designed to uncover who ought to be held accountable for your injuries and how important evidence needed to prove your claim can be discovered and preserved. Contact us at (800) 863-5312 to schedule your free consultation today.