Common Causes of Bus Accidents: Other Commercial Drivers

Last updated on: August 26, 2015


Commercial drivers can be just as careless or negligent as drivers of passenger vehicles. The big difference between the two types of drivers is that, when involved in a bus accident, the commercial driver who is behind the wheel of a large truck or big rig has the potential to cause serious injuries to the passengers of a bus. What is worse, accidents of any time tend to be more severe and more complicated when there is one commercial driver at fault; where there may be multiple commercial drivers bearing some responsibility for the accident, the process of recovering compensation can become extremely complex.

How Do Other Commercial Drivers Cause Bus Accidents?

Drivers of other commercial vehicles can cause or contribute to a bus accident in a variety of ways:

  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions;
  • Texting while driving or driving while distracted;
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;
  • Carrying a heavy load or a load that is improperly balanced;
  • Driving with too little sleep;
  • Disregarding traffic laws or traffic control devices and signs;
  • Other negligent behaviors.

If you are a passenger on a bus involved in a bus accident with another commercial driver, your bus’s driver may also bear part of the responsibility for the crash. Any negligent or careless behavior your bus driver engaged in may have also contributed to your injuries. An experienced bus accident lawyer will have the resources necessary to examine your crash and determine the parties who contributed to your crash.

What Should I Do After a Bus Accident Caused by Another Commercial Driver?

Your primary concern after a serious bus crash with another commercial driver should be obtaining immediate medical attention. Even if you feel fine or believe you are uninjured, you should at least get evaluated by a medical professional as quickly as possible. Some serious internal injuries may not immediately manifest symptoms, and a delay in treating such injuries can decrease your chances of making a full recovery. Not only this, but the longer you wait to seek medical treatment, the more difficult it becomes to tie any injury you are eventually diagnosed with to the bus crash. For these reasons, it is usually advisable to seek medical care.

The following steps can also help protect your legal rights and your ability to seek compensation from negligent parties following a bus crash involving another commercial driver:

  • Preserve important details about the crash. Write down as soon as you can as many details about the crash as possible. How did the crash occur? What did you see? What was the driver of the bus doing, if you know? What about the driver of the other commercial vehicle? What sounds did you hear before and after the crash? Did either driver say anything, either to themselves or others? What injuries did you suffer? Did anyone witness the crash besides you? What companies did the bus and the other commercial vehicle work for? If you have the ability to take pictures of the crash scene, these can be especially valuable.
  • Consult with a bus accident attorney right away. Your ability to recover compensation may depend on preserving important evidence in the possession of the bus company or the other commercial driver’s employer. This evidence can be irretrievably lost if not quickly preserved. The sooner you hire a bus accident attorney, the quicker this information can be obtained.

Any crash involving a commercial vehicle can be complicated and difficult to resolve. This is especially true for bus accident cases caused by another commercial driver. As soon as possible, contact our legal team at the offices of Zinda Law Group for experienced and knowledgeable assistance. Speak with a member of our legal staff by calling (800) 863-5312 and setting up your consultation right away.