Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer

As gas prices continue to rise and roads become even more congested with commuting cars, citizens of Phoenix are increasingly turning to public transportation to get around Pima County. Buses are a great way for Phoenix’s residents and visitors to use the existing infrastructure of Phoenix’s roadways cheaply and efficiently, but private charters are also prevalent throughout Arizona for international or domestic touring.

While buses are a necessity of the road in Arizona for their public and private transportation of large groups efficiently, they deserve respect from the other motorists and operators on the road. Over a thousand motor vehicle crashes in Arizona last year involved commercial, non-commercial, and school buses. There are a variety accidents that can involve a bus, and here are a few common examples:

Transit Bus. Transit buses are generally run by local public transportation authorities and provide a system of stops within a metro area for moving people to work, tourist stops, or other destinations around the city. Because transit buses are out on the congested roadways in large numbers making frequent stops all day, these huge vehicles are the second leading type of fatal bus crashes in the nation according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Also, due to the constant stop and start of the transit bus’ route, passengers on the bus are injured frequently from a fall, a trip, or hitting their head, when the bus suddenly lurches forward or backward. If the local transit authority contracts with a private company to operate the buses citywide, that company is also likely to be liable for any damages caused by negligent operation of a bus.

School Bus. We see big bright yellow school buses nearly every morning and afternoon making constant stops on Phoenix roadways to pick up kids for class. Like transit buses, these types of buses are controlled by a local government entity but also potentially a private company with which a school board may contract. Sadly, school buses are the leading type of fatal bus accident in the nation.

Intercity and Tour Buses. Almost exclusively run by private entities, these types of buses run between cities on a regular basis. Passengers may use this type of bus like a transit bus between cities, because of its regular and reliable schedule. A tour bus is slightly different, because its passengers are travelling with the united purpose of visiting a certain destination together.

Private/Charter Bus. Charter buses are used by single groups, who need a one-time bus excursion for a single event or purpose. Instead of one member of the group driving the bus to the destination and back, a charter company that owns the bus and provides a driver will contract with the group for the trip. In the event of a bus accident, therefore, the likely defendants are the private charter bus company and/or its driver.

Passenger Van. For a vehicle designed to carry 16 people or more (including the driver), operators are required by Arizona law to have a commercial drivers license (CDL). However, no license is needed for a van that carries 15 passengers, which is still a vehicle with considerable size. Consider the prior example of a group needing a large vehicle for a single excursion. If small enough, the group may contract with a van rental agency and let one of the members do the driving. If a bus accident results from the operator of a van, not only is the negligent driver liable, but the rental agency might also be a defendant in a resulting lawsuit for injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident due to the negligence of another in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona, speak with the bus accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group, because they know your rights. Zinda Law Group has the resources to conduct the appropriate investigation and recover from the at-fault parties, who owe you compensation by Arizona law. Call us to speak with a bus accident attorney today.