How to Report a Dog Bite Claim in Phoenix

“Man’s best friend” can be vicious and aggressive at times. Dog bites happen regularly throughout the United States and can happen to you with little or no warning.  Even seemingly “friendly” dogs that you see regularly or that belong to friends and neighbors are capable of biting you and inflicting serious injury. Moreover, although “dangerous” breeds like pit bulls and Rottweilers are perceived as being especially aggressive toward humans, the truth is that any type of dog breed is capable of biting you.

What To Do After a Dog Bite Attack in Phoenix

Dog bites are capable of inflicting deep cuts and lacerations, puncture wounds, or crushing injuries, and can result in the transmission of serious diseases like rabies. Therefore, it is extremely important that you seek out prompt medical attention as soon as possible following your dog bite attack. If there is a fear that you may have contracted rabies, your treating physician will want to begin treatment for this disease quickly. If you suffered disfiguring injuries, prompt medical attention can also play a role in reducing the severity of scarring or disfigurement.

Once you have obtained the initial medical treatment you need, you should quickly file a dog bite report with the proper authorities. If you were bitten or attacked in Phoenix, your report would need to be filed with the Pima County animal care authorities. Animal care officers are available 24/7 to respond to incidents of animal bites. You can contact Pima County Animal Care officers and representatives by calling (520) 724-5900. You are also able to visit their center at 4000 N. Silverbell Rd., Phoenix, AZ, 85745 during their normal business hours and file your report in person. Whichever option you choose, you will want to file your dog bite report as soon as you are able to do so.

The Benefits of Filing a Phoenix Dog Bite Report

 When you file a dog bite report with the proper authorities, officers will investigate your complaint, and in most cases, will make an official record of their findings. These findings can be extremely important if you choose to file a dog bite lawsuit against the owner of the dog that attacked you. These reports also help public officials keep the public safe from dangerous animals. A dog bite report is often able to:

  • Tell you what the dog’s owner and witnesses remember about your incident: What the dog’s owner and witnesses say happened can influence your decision about whether to seek compensation for your injuries from the dog’s owner. You are also able to learn what witnesses authorities spoke with and whether these witnesses would be helpful or harmful to your case.
  • Indicate any previous incidents involving this particular animal: A dog bite report can also indicate if there have been previous reports of aggression against this animal. Not only can this be useful in a dog bite lawsuit, it can help authorities determine if this particular animal should be euthanized because of the danger it presents to the community.
  • Provide a warning to others in the community: Every dog can attack a human being, but those with a history of previous attacks should be dealt with cautiously by community members. Your report can help warn members of your community about this dog’s aggressive tendencies and help prevent a similar attack from occurring to someone else.

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