Phoenix Gas Explosion Lawyers

Last updated on: January 31, 2013


A gas explosion is the terrifying result of flammable gas leaking from a compromised container that becomes ignited by a variety of triggers, and the subsequent injuries are almost always severe, if not fatal. A tragic explosion can happen in the home, on the job, indoors, or outdoors, and a number of causes can lead to the dangerous leak or ignition.

When the negligence of a responsible party–such as a faulty manufacturer of equipment to store or transport flammable gas, an irresponsible employer, or careless excavator–causes a gas explosion that injures you or a loved one, the injuries are usually too catastrophic to simply rely on the at-fault parties to take responsibility without a thorough investigation and subsequent threat of litigation.

Injuries from gas explosions are unique because of the greater likelihood they will endanger multiple organ systems all at once. The blast from a gas explosion creates a massive amount of scorching heat, a cloud of debris hurled in all directions, and a wave of over-pressurization that can rupture crucial organs. These dangers from the blast can have catastrophic, if not fatal, effects on the human body.

Dangers of Gas Explosions


The heat from a gas explosion often depends on the concentration of gas in the area being ignited, and the resulting burn can lead to a range of injuries. Not only can the burn from a gas explosion cause disfigurement like scarring but also a traumatic amputation of a limb or extremity that creates an immediate danger of blood loss. Furthermore, as the body burns, it will redirect crucial resources like oxygen to the affected parts, which may literally starve vital organs like the brain simply to ensure the bare minimum of survival. Even though the victim may live through the gas explosion, his or her brain may be irreversibly damaged from the exposure to heat alone.


When a gas explosion causes the container or pipeline transporting the gas to erupt, the debris flying in all directions from the blast can penetrate the body of anyone within its radius. Debris from the blast may disfigure a victim’s face or penetrate crucial organs like the eye or even the lungs or gastrointestinal tract. Damage to the body’s crucial organ systems and may lead to sepsis, an inflammatory response to microbes travelling into organ systems where they don’t belong through the tear in the wall of an organ. Sepsis is also known as “blood poisoning.”

Blast Wave

The hollow organs of the human body are susceptible to the massive amount of pressure created by the physics of the blast and can immediately rupture. The over-pressure can burst eyes, the inner ear, intestines, or the lungs. In fact, the tearing and trauma lungs endure from the blast wave, also known as blast lung injury, are one of the leading causes of death for victims who initially survive a gas explosion. The blast wave can also throw a victim from the site of the blast, which will cause severe contusions or even broken bones upon impact with another object.

Get Justice with Phoenix Gas Explosion Lawyers

Gas explosion injuries are devastating to the human body, and the end result is frequently disfigurement, a life-altering brain injury, or even death.

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