What to Do If You're Injured in a Golf Cart Accident

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While golf carts are permitted for use on public roads in Phoenix, they are restricted from exposure to high speeds because they do not share nearly the same safety features as a standard vehicle. Unfortunately, golf cart accidents are still all too common, and they lead to a high volume of injuries, some of which are very serious.

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What to Know About Golf Cart Laws in Arizona

Golf carts are a popular method of transportation, especially in Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs. In Arizona, golf carts are defined under state law as motor vehicles, meaning they can be used on public roads, as opposed to strictly for use in areas such as golf courses.

Golf cart operators are required to register their golf cart with the Arizona Department of Transportation. Moreover, they are not allowed to drive the golf cart on roads with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or higher, and they must not exceed a speed of 25 miles per hour.

All golf cart operators in Arizona are required to carry liability insurance. State requirements for liability insurance are $10,000 in property damage, and $15,000/$30,000 in bodily injury.

Lastly, the golf cart must be equipped with brake lights, headlights, and a horn. While these features help to avoid accidents, golf carts must also deal with the dangers of driving among passenger vehicles. Vehicle owners may become frustrated with the slow driving of golf carts, and exhibit dangerous driving habits.

What You Should Do After a Golf Cart Accident

If you are injured by a golf cart operator, it is important to determine who is responsible for the incident. One of the main causes of accidents is operating a golf cart while intoxicated. In addition, you should assess the following:

  • Did the operator violate the speed restrictions or drive on a road with a speed limit 35 miles per hour or higher?
  • Was the operator driving recklessly or inattentive while driving?
  • Did the operator drive on a road with bad conditions such as pot holes, mud, or other obstacles?

If any of the answers to the above questions are “yes,” the golf cart operator may be partially or fully liable for the damages.

However, if were injured by another vehicle while you were operating a golf cart, you should assess if the other driver was following all traffic laws.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is useful in determining liability. A Phoenix golf cart injury lawyer can help establish if negligence played a role in the accident, and will fight for damages from the various injuries you may have suffered. There may be compensation you are entitled to that you are not aware of, and an experienced attorney can help you to recover any compensation you are rightfully owed.

Our Phoenix Golf Cart Accident Lawyers Can Help

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