Construction Accident Lawyers in Plano, Texas

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Have you been injured in a construction accident?

The construction industry is considered the most dangerous industry with regard to potential injuries. OSHA statistics show that over 400,000 injuries and 1100 fatalities occur each year in construction related accidents. On construction jobsites, accidents occur every day, as there are ongoing potential hazards in such an environment. Even with all of the safety precautions that exist, one out of every five deaths in the workplace occurs in the construction industry.

The types of accidents that occur in construction vary widely, and the injuries sustained by the victim can require months, years or a lifetime of medical care, or in the most tragic cases, loss of life. They include scaffolding accidents, ladder falls, forklift injuries, slip and fall injuries, welding accidents, electrical accidents, crane accidents, being hit by falling objects, and defective machinery accidents. A Plano personal injury lawyer of Zinda Law Group PLLC will provide the strong legal representation you need at this difficult time to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, disability and rehabilitation.

Obtaining the Fair Compensation You Deserve

If you have been injured on a construction jobsite, you are probably aware that you are entitled to file a workers’ comp claim for your injuries. In many cases these workers’ comp benefits are not enough to pay for all of your medical treatment and other expenses if you injuries are severe ones. We have seen many cases in which an injured worker does not receive enough compensation or may be urged to return to work before they are fully healed. Any workers’ compensation case should be represented by a skilled lawyer to ensure that you have the treatment and care you need after a work-related injury.

It is important for you to know that some work injury cases could have third party liability, such as when a faulty piece of equipment contributed to the injury accident, and further compensation could be sought in such cases. They could be held legally responsible for your injuries and forced, through a civil claim, to provide compensation for damages. On a construction site, these may include the general contractor, subcontractors, property owner, constructions managers, and equipment manufacturers, or others. We can provide a free case evaluation to discuss your accident and injuries. We will work with your insurance company and other relevant parties to seek to secure the fair and just compensation you are entitled to.