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Drowning Accidents

Drowning cases can be separated into those that involve fatal drowning and those that involve nonfatal drowning. Nonfatal drowning is also referred to as near-drowning or nonfatal submersion. Drowning accidents can occur in natural water settings such as oceans, lakes and rivers. They can also occur in swimming pools or hot tubs or even in the bath.

In recent years, unintentional drowning incidents in the United States claimed the lives of an average of ten people per day. In children aged one to four, deaths from unintentional injury were caused by drowning in nearly thirty percent of cases. In this age group, drowning is the second leading cause of death by unintentional injury.

Fatal drowning can occur in approximately five minutes and a small child can drown to death in less than two inches of water. Submersions that do not result in death often leave the victim with permanent brain damage and disability. Fatal and nonfatal drowning incidents are all too easily brought about by a number of factors. Whatever the circumstances, a Plano personal injury attorney should be contacted as soon as possible following such an incident.

Liability and Compensation

One quarter to one third of drowning victims have actually had swimming lessons. Drowning accidents have many causes and circumstances and can involve factors such as:

  • Inadequately enclosed swimming areas
  • Uncovered hot tubs
  • Unmaintained or defective pool drains causing entrapment
  • Defective products such as floatation devices or pool toys
  • Operating watercraft recklessly
  • Negligent or inadequate lifeguards or inadequate lifesaving equipment
  • Inadequate warning signs

Of course, fatal and nonfatal drowning accidents are devastating for all concerned; that so many of these accidents could have been avoided is an even greater tragedy. Victims of such negligence deserve the maximum compensation and damages, whether to deal with the effects of a nonfatal accident or in a wrongful death case.

The personal injury attorneys of Zinda Law Group PLLC, represent our clients with great care and attention. We are dedicated to seeing that your case is addressed thoroughly and effectively and that you gain the compensation you need and deserve following a drowning accident.

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