Plant Explosions

Plant Explosion Attorney

In a moment something went terribly wrong and now, after the accident, you must find a way to cope with your debilitating injuries. You have lost wages, incurred medical bills, and even simple daily tasks have become difficult. You might be dismayed and disheartened by the way the insurance companies are minimizing or even denying your injuries, even though your life has been turned upside down.

But how do you even begin the overwhelming task of recovering all that you have lost? Zinda Law Group in Waco, Texas, can help. We know about the effects of the injury accident that you have suffered and we understand what is needed to help put the broken pieces of your life back together.

We have your comprehensive recovery foremost in mind when we begin the task of seeking all that you are entitled to in the compensation for your loss. Our knowledge and experience are behind every step of our investigation to secure the evidence and critical information needed concerning your case. All evidence including police investigations, statements, documents, medical records, witness accounts or interviews and more will be gathered as we meticulously build your case. Once we are assured that every piece of critical information about your case is in place, we will set forth a demand on your behalf for all that you are entitled to for recovery. Your case may be settled out of court, as many cases are, but every aspect of your injury accident case is prepared as if it will go to trial.

Many individuals who find themselves the victim of a debilitating accident fear that they cannot afford to hire legal representation. They fear they must attempt to seek compensation for their injuries by pleading with the insurance companies. But insurance companies represent their own interests. They are generally disinclined to work on your behalf and in some cases will aggressively pursue you for damages.

Zinda Law Group understands that you may feel you cannot afford to hire legal representation. You can put your fears to rest. Your injury accident case will be taken on a contingency fee basis. What that means is that you do not have to pay for the costs associated with putting together your case unless you are secured a recovery by Zinda Law Group. In that case you will pay a percentage of your recovery to cover those legal costs. All of the case preparation costs including paid expert witnesses and investigation cost such as obtaining records is covered by Zinda Law Group. Payment is made only if and when they obtain recovery for you through settlement or trial.

Your accident has had a painful and costly impact upon many aspects of your life. You need professional knowledge and experience now to help get those broken pieces of your life put back together. Paying for that legal help is only a question of winning what you are entitled to. Don't lose valuable time, call Zinda Law Group right now.