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Last updated on: November 23, 2021

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Concerts, music festivals, and similar events can be fun and even exhilarating experiences that fans of all ages can enjoy. However, as with any event involving large crowds, precautions must always be taken and protocol followed to ensure proper crowd management and other safety measures, such as avoiding overcrowding and having adequate security personnel, to prevent unnecessary and tragic injuries or deaths from being suffered by innocent attendees. As the tragedy at the recent Astroworld Music Festival shows, devastating consequences can occur when adequate safety measures are not taken to protect eventgoers.

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What happened at the astroworld festival?

On November 5, 2021, the two-day Houston music festival, Astroworld, turned deadly after a large crowd began surging forward toward the stage at NRG Park where rapper Travis Scott was performing. As the attendees pressed forward, the area closest to the stage became packed and so overcrowded that people could no longer move; people were so closely crowded together that they were not able to put their arms back down, and many fans began having difficulty breathing, until some people passed out. Meanwhile, other fans fell and became trapped as they could not get back up again because of the force of the crowd.

Nevertheless, despite the dangerous motion of the crowd and the distress many fans were in, rapper Travis Scott continued his performance even though many desperate pleas came from the crowd to stop his performance as many in the chaotic crowd were fighting for their lives. Indeed, Scott continued to perform for over forty (40) minutes, even after the local authorities had already identified the Astroworld 2021 incident as a “mass casualty event.”

By the end of the event, over 300 fans were treated at the venue at an on-site “field hospital,” while more than twenty (20) people were sent to local hospitals; at least eleven (11) of these victims were in cardiac arrest and in critical condition. Ultimately, ten (10) victims passed away because of the tragic events that day at the Astroworld Music Festival.

These victims included a young, nine-year-old boy who fell from atop his father’s shoulders and was unable to be rescued as he was lost in the surging crowd. The other nine Astroworld victims ranged in age from fourteen (14) to twenty-seven (27) years old. The Astroworld injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group understand these injuries and deaths could have been prevented if the proper precautions had been taken, and we are working to help victims and their loved ones hold the liable parties responsible for this tragedy.

Common injuries suffered at astroworld

Unfortunately, the devastating impact of the crowd surge at the Travis Scott Astroworld concert performance caused a vast range of injuries to victims, including:

  • Bruises
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Internal injuries such as internal bleeding
  • Compression asphyxia
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Other trampling injuries
  • Mental trauma
  • Death

What is particularly disturbing is that many of these injuries were suffered even as rapper Travis Scott continued his performance despite pleas from the crowd to stop the show, even as emergency personnel attempted to fight through the crowd to rescue and help many of these victims. If you witnessed or even suffered any of these injuries at the Astroworld festival in Houston, contact the Astroworld injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group; we may be able to help you pursue compensation.

How do crowd rush injuries happen?

Large, boisterous crowds—especially those at concerts, music festivals, and similar events—can create a dangerous situation, especially if proper steps are not taken to ensure everyone is kept safe. When so many people are compressed together so tightly in these crowds and are squeezed together even more tightly as the crowd begins to surge forward, many people become trapped and unable to move. Some of these people become unable to breathe and may fall on the ground; when these victims who fall to the ground are not able to get back up again, they may be trampled and suffer serious injuries such as broken bones or internal organ damage.

Given the serious risks posed by these large crowds, venues, event producers and organizers, security companies, and the performers all have a responsibility to ensure proper safety precautions are in place to avoid overcrowding and the potential for crowd surges leading to potentially catastrophic or fatal crowd rush injuries. If these parties fail to properly ensure appropriate safety measures, leading to injuries, they may be held liable. Zinda Law Group’s Astroworld injury lawyers can help you determine who may be liable for your injuries suffered from the crowd surge at the 2021 Astroworld festival.

Who may be liable for music festival injuries?

For Astroworld injury victims, one of the first questions in pursing compensation for injuries and damages will require identifying potentially liable parties; this is where the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney is invaluable. Following the tragic events of the Astroworld 2021 performance, a variety of parties have been identified as potentially playing a role in the deadly incident. Many of these parties could be potentially liable for any injuries or fatalities suffered by fans; these liable parties potentially include:

  • the performer, Travis Scott
  • the owners of the venue, NRG Park
  • the event organizer, Live Nation

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is no stranger to injuries at his performances, and he has actually been held criminally responsible for encouraging dangerous conditions before. In 2015, the rapper was arrested under reckless conduct charges during the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago for inciting large crowds to bypass security and rush the festival stages, and he was arrested after a 2017 performance in Arkansas and charged with disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, and endangering the welfare of minors.

Also in 2017, one young fan was permanently paralyzed at a Travis Scott performance in Manhattan, after the rapper encouraged fans to jump from a second-story balcony. Meanwhile, this tragedy was not even the first time that a Travis Scott performance at Astroworld has led to injuries, as three people were injured in 2019 after large crowds overwhelmed festival staff, broke through security gates, and rushed the entrance.

Many reports from witnesses at the 2021 Astroworld festival indicate that Scott briefly stopped performing after noticing fans in distress, but he quickly resumed performing each time. Meanwhile, Houston’s police chief had already reportedly met with Travis Scott in his dressing room before the performance to warn him of the crowd-control concerns. Given Travis Scott’s history of inciting dangerous conditions at his events and his failure to stop the concert despite urgent pleas from the crowd and apparent signs of distress, the Astroworld injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group can help you determine whether Scott may be potentially liable to victims injured in this tragedy.

NRG Park

Given the serious risks posed by large crowds, venues have an obligation to ensure events hosted at the venue maintain proper security precautions to avoid crowd rush injuries and other potentially dangerous events. However, NRG Park was overcrowded during the 2021 Astroworld festival, with over 55,000 people estimated to be at the venue by the time that rapper Travis Scott took the stage and began performing. Only 34,000 of these people had their tickets scanned, and at least 5,000 attendees gained access to the event without tickets at all, given that the festival was “sold out” at 50,000 people.

With the rush of people into the event, security was already overwhelmed and NRG Park was quickly overcrowded, creating the perfect recipe for the deadly and tragic events that quickly began to unfold even before Travis Scott took the stage. Perhaps you or a loved one happen to be one of the victims in the crowd who were injured at NRG Park that night. To determine whether you may be able to pursue compensation from the venue for any injuries you suffered at Astroworld, you should contact a personal injury lawyer from Zinda Law Group as soon as possible.

Live Nation

The Astroworld festival’s promoter, Live Nation Entertainment, is no stranger to safety problems and tragedy at their events. Indeed, Live Nation Entertainment and its subsidiary Live Nation Worldwide have allegedly been linked to over 200 deaths and at least 750 injuries at their events in seven countries since 2006; these events include other instances overseen by Live Nation where concertgoers broke past barricades, trampled fellow fans, and caused serious injuries and deaths from crowd surges. In addition to its history of failing to prevent dangerous crowd surges, tragedies at Live Nation performances also include the 2017 suicide bombing at an Arianna Grande concert in England, the 2017 mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas, and a 2015 terrorist attack at a Paris concert hall.

At Zinda Law Group, our Astroworld injury lawyers can help you understand your legal options after this incident and determine whether you may have a claim to seek compensation for your injuries or damages. Further, our attorneys will work to determine which parties may be liable for your injuries, such as rapper Travis Scott or the festival’s organizer, Live Nation, and others. Our attorneys are experienced in helping injury victims pursue compensation from large companies, organizations, and other individuals despite their urgent attempts to avoid or minimize liability, using their resources and teams of lawyers to pay as little compensation as possible to victims.

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