What Should I Do If I was Hurt at Astroworld?

Last updated on: November 23, 2021


If you or a loved one were harmed at Astroworld 2021, call Zinda Law Group today to learn more about your rights and the compensation that you are entitled to. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are investigating the incident to look for the answers that you and your family deserve. We are dedicated to finding the truth, and to fighting for the attendees who were unjustly harmed physically and emotionally at an entertainment event that should not have turned to tragedy.

Before you do anything else, call our Astroworld injury lawyers to talk about your experience and learn who may be held accountable for your injuries. Our attorney-client consultations are always 100% free, so call us today at (800) 863-5312 to get started.

Astroworld injury faqs

On November 5, 2021, ten people lost their lives and hundreds were injured at the two-day Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas, while rapper Travis Scott performed. This incident has been considered a mass casualty event and has caused havoc in attendees’ lives.

If you were injured at Astroworld 2021 you probably have a lot of questions, like “What should I do first?” or “Should I accept compensation offered to me?” We have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions below, but remember, our experienced Astroworld injury lawyers are only a phone call away.

Should I Accept Compensation Being Offered from Travis Scott or Live Nation?

No! It is extremely important that you do not accept any compensation before speaking with an attorney. It appears that Travis Scott has been offering to pay funeral expenses or other medical expenses for victims, and there are reports that Live Nation or other festival parties from Astroworld 2021 are giving out compensation as well. If you were hurt at the Astroworld event and accept those offers, you will likely have to sign a release that would prevent you from filing a lawsuit.

A lawsuit would allow you to recover all of the damages you are entitled to, including compensation for things like lost wages or pain and suffering that the compensation from Travis Scott would not be covering. This is why it is so important that you contact an experienced injury lawyer in Texas before accepting any money from a third party.

Who Is Liable for This Tragedy?

Primarily, the venue and event organizers could be found legally liable for the injuries that were caused under what is called premise liability law. It was their responsibility to maintain a safe environment for invitees, and they failed to do that.

There may be some other parties who could be liable as well, such as Travis Scott himself. This horrific event is still being investigated, so the answer to this question is not crystal clear yet. However, this question will be answered, and those responsible will have to pay their dues.

What Is Premises Liability Law?

This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t once you break it down. This is basically the idea that the owner or operator of a property is obligated to make sure the property is safe for visitors, and if they fail to do that, they are liable for the injuries that result.

When we go to public places—to restaurants, the grocery store, or concerts—we expect that we are walking into a safe environment. We also expect that the people working at those places, like the waiters and the event organizers, are working to keep that environment safe. When these expectations aren’t met and we are injured, we could then bring a premises liability suit.

How Do You Win a Premises Liability Suit?

In order to win a lawsuit based on premises liability, the defendants must be proven to be negligent. In this case the defendants would likely be the venue owners, the concert organizers, and planners, and possibly other parties as well, such as Live Nation or other vendors.

Proving negligence requires establishing four elements:

1. The defendants owed a duty of care, meaning they had an obligation to use reasonable care and keep you safe;

2. The defendants failed to comply with that duty of care;

3. There were injuries suffered by the plaintiff; and

4. The injuries were caused by the defendants’ failure to act with reasonable care.

The key idea is that the defendants were obligated to keep the property safe, and they failed to do that. This may sound like a complicated case to prove, but our Astroworld injury lawyers are extremely experienced premises liability attorneys and know exactly what to do to be successful.

What Kind of Compensation Might I Be Entitled To?

It is impossible to predict the exact amount of compensation that you could be entitled to, but generally victims of this kind of negligence can expect to receive compensation in the form of two different types of damages: economic damages, and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to the damages that are generally easy to calculate, like the medical expenses you paid out of pocket or the lost wages from having to take time off work. Non-economic damages are those that are a bit more difficult to quantify; generally, this includes things like pain and suffering damages.

At your free consultation with our experienced personal injury attorneys, we can walk you through what kind of damages you may be entitled to in your case. It is our goal to help you receive as much compensation as possible.

Why Do I Need to Use Personal Injury Lawyers Near Me?

The idea of reaching out to a lawyer may feel like an unnecessary headache, but it is absolutely in your best interest. If you attempt to get compensation on your own, such as through Travis Scott or Live Nation, you could very easily be giving up your rights to bring a lawsuit. If down the road your injuries exacerbate or you realize you were not justly compensated, your hands could be tied.

Our experienced Astroworld injury lawyers in Texas can help you make sure that this does not happen. Our attorneys not only know the personal injury case laws in Texas which will impact your claim, we are compassionate, dedicated, and communicative. We will be by your side every step of the process, and at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Crowd crush injuries explained

Is This a New Phenomenon?

No; although rare, this isn’t the first time that this kind of tragedy has occurred. In 2000 at a Pearl Jam concert in Denmark, nine people were killed from crowd crush, and in 1979, eight people were killed and eleven were injured at a The Who concert in Ohio. Moreover, Travis Scott himself has specifically been known for performances which have resulted in these kinds of injuries.

What Causes the Injuries?

Essentially what happens in these crowds is that people are compressed so tightly together that they struggle to breathe and their oxygen levels drop. When oxygen levels drop, people can lose consciousness and their heart can stop working properly. If someone has an underlying condition like asthma, that can make this environment even riskier.

Another way concertgoers can be injured is by falling to the ground, either from passing out or from being knocked over. Once on the ground, they can then be trampled by other attendees and can sustain crush injuries, such as broken bones. They can also experience internal organ damage or suffocate while on the ground.

There is no excuse for this kind of terrifying injury to take place. Concertgoers are not responsible for preventing overcrowding; the organizers and venues are. We all deserve to attend a concert that we paid for and return home at the end of the night unharmed.

What Should I Do If I Ever Find Myself Trapped in a Crowd?

  • If you start to feel uncomfortable and you have a means to leave, take it. It may seem self-explanatory, but generally by the time you realize there is chaos in the crowd it is generally too late to act. This is why it is so important to think preventatively.
  • Stay standing and do not put any belongings on the ground. Falling to the ground can put you at risk for a wide range of injuries and can cause a snowball effect in the crowd. Putting your belongings on the ground will not only require you to bend down to get them, but it can also be an obstacle for other concert goers.
  • Always keep enough space around you. Lack of oxygen is the primary reason that these types of injuries take place, so it is incredibly important that you keep a comfortable space around you so that you can breathe.
  • Don’t ever push back on the crowd; you have to move with it. Injuries take place through chain reactions. If you get pushed, don’t push back. Instead, try to relax your body and move with the crowd if it’s too late for you to escape it.
  • If you were injured, call an experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston. Figuring out who is responsible in these types of cases and how to prove it is a difficult task and one that requires an experienced personal injury attorney. At Zinda Law Group our attorneys know how to fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.


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