Tucson Propane Gas Explosions

Last updated on: January 31, 2013

An accident occurs when something happens that was not planned or intended and someone is emotionally and/or physically hurt. Many accidents occur because of neglect or because someone did not follow proper steps to prevent a tragic outcome from happening. If you or someone close to you has experience in accident which caused emotional and/or physical harm you need to learn your legal options. Every year there are thousands of propane explosions in the United States. Some of these situations also lead to property damage, but others lead to injury or even death. Regardless of the outcome of a propane explosion there are two facts. The first fact is that you have a legal right to compensation for damages that occurred. The second fact is that this accident likely could have been prevented. Faulty equipment, poor instruction, improper use and other situations may have led to this unfortunate incident. Did you know that a propane tank has an expiration date? Have you ever purchased a propane tank and the person who gave it to you neglected to thoroughly observe the tank before giving it to you? Have you ever refilled a propane tank and it was not inspected before it was filled up? These are examples of neglect which may lead to a propane tank explosion. There are plenty of examples of simple neglect that lead to accidents. However, when dealing with a highly combustible fuel is the responsibility of the vendors to make sure they have thoroughly inspected each tank and discussed basic but effective safety protocol with a customer before the transaction is completed. A large percentage of accidents occur because someone was either given faulty equipment or they were not properly educated on propane safety procedure. If this happened to you then it is time to learn what legal options you have. Propane explosions are not common, in most cases when this occurs it is due to neglect or faulty equipment. If you or someone close to you has been the unfortunate victim of a propane explosion you need to contact the Law offices of Zinda Law Group immediately. If someone is negligent, they should pay for your psychological and physical pain – not you. To find out more about your legal options contact you’re your leading Tucson, Arizona personal injury law firm today- Zinda Law Group.