Proving Damages in a Brain Injury Case

Last updated on: July 10, 2015

Proving Damages in a Brain Injury Case

When somebody suffers a brain injury a lot of those damages can sometimes go unnoticed. Because it, in many cases, is not an outwardly visible injury people notice changes in behavior, changes in speech, things like that that can be more subtle. Now if somebody suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, you’re often going to see loss of movement, many times people who go into a almost like a vegetative or a comatose state, so in those circumstances it can be fairly obvious that at least something happened.

One of the areas that we struggle with most in these cases is giving the jury some sort of objective visible sign of the injury. There are medical providers and experts that we work that can help us demonstrate to the jury the actual injuries to the brain, not just by the outward conduct of the plaintiff, but also through diagnostic imaging and things of that sort that are a bit more on the cutting edge.

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