Range Resources Corp. Denies Water Well Contamination

Range Resources Corp., a company that provides water and natural gas services that is based in Fort Worth, TX, has been accused by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of having water wells contaminated with methane. Methane is a naturally-occurring gas that is a large component of natural gas energy.

Two homes in an upscale Fort Worth neighborhood have reported contaminations in their water. One homeowner said that when he lit a lighter near the spout of his hose and flames came out of the hose. In addition to the gas contamination being unhealthy, it is also a severe hazard because it could cause explosions.

The EPA has demanded that Range Resources must install explosivity meters within 48 hours to all homes that could be affected. They will also have to identify and test all wells in the area. Range Resources is compliant but denies being the source of the contamination. They blame methane in the water aquifer that is there naturally.

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