Recalled Eggs from Same Farm as Previous Recall

This past summer, more than 550 million eggs were recalled due to possible salmonella contamination. Around 1,600 people fell ill due to the contaminated eggs.

Now, another 300,000 eggs have been recalled, for the exact same reason. The eggs, which come from the same farm as the eggs that were recalled this summer, were distributed to Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, California, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. The farm name is Ohio Fresh Eggs.

Investor Jack DeCoster has a long history of FDA violations. The permits for Ohio Fresh Eggs were revoked by the Department of Agriculture when they discovered that DeCoster was an investor. His flagrant disregard for regulations is well known in the department, and they say that his involvement in the farm would have given them cause to reconsider the permits.

No illnesses from this batch of eggs have been confirmed yet, but salmonella can cause serious illness and even death.

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