Recent Food Contaminations May Lead to More Government Oversight

The United States Senate has just passed a bill that would greatly increase FDA (Food and Drug Administration) oversight of food production. The bill comes in the wake of a slew of food recalls; the last few years have seen major recalls of all types of foods, from eggs to peanut butter. These contamination result in hundreds of thousands of food-borne illnesses each year, and thousands more fall fatally ill from consuming the foods.

Current laws are designed to protect consumers after the fact. They offer punishments and penalties instead of preventative solutions. The new bill, however, will change that. It will focus on preventing food from being contaminated as well as preventing it from reaching stores or people's homes. Although the most recent recalls have involved hundreds of millions of eggs, an area that is overseen by the Department of Agriculture, the "Food Safety Modernization Act" is expected to enact huge changes in food safety.

The act comes after recent criticism of the FDA that said it has been focusing more on the "D," drugs and pharmaceutical, than on food.

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