Round Rock Dog Bite & Animal Attack Lawyers

If you or a loved one was bitten or injured by an animal, the Round Rock dog bite lawyers at Zinda Law Group are here to help. Each dog bite case is different so it can be difficult to understand if you have a valid claim and what your case may be worth. That’s why it’s important to seek help from a qualified Round Rock dog bite attorney.  Your case may hinge on important details such as where you were when the attack took place, whether the animal was on a leash, or if the animal had a prior history of violence.

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Was the Animal Owner Negligent?

In order to be eligible for compensation for a dog bite injury, you must be able to prove someone acted negligently. Our Round Rock dog bite lawyers will help lead an investigation to determine if negligence was the cause of the animal attack. Texas dog bite injury law is complicated but the requirements to prove negligence include four basic elements:

1. Ownership

The first element of the case that must be proven is ownership. It is also necessary to establish who had control of the animal when the attack occurred.  Perhaps the owner was away on vacation and a dog sitter who was caring for the animal had possession of it.

2. Reasonable Care

Each adult has a duty to exercise reasonable care when walking a dog, handling an animal, or performing any number of activities. We must use common sense and good judgment and when we don’t, and it results in someone being injured, then this is known as negligence.

3. Breach of Duty

Your lawyer must prove that the person breached his or her duty. For instance, suppose a neighbor takes his dog out for a walk without an adequate dog leash and collar. If the dog breaks away and attacks you or a family member, then your attorney may be able to prove that the neighbor did not do everything possible to prevent injury.

4. An Injury Occurred

The last thing your Round Rock dog bite lawyer must prove is that you or someone was injured as a result of the breach of the duty and that you sustained losses. Losses can include medical bills, lost wages, or other expenses. Our animal attack attorneys can help you seek compensation for these damages and help you get back on your feet after an injury.

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