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With all of today’s modern medical advancements, you’d think that tragedies like birth injury no longer occur. The sad fact is that they do though. Hospitals are staffed by humans and humans can make mistakes. They may be tired or worried about a personal problem, or perhaps the nurse or technician is just not well-trained. A hospital employee might be having an unusually busy day and just forget something important.

When it comes to the birth of a baby, being negligent or too busy to get everything prepared correctly can be devastating for the child and his family. Babies are very fragile. When a birth injury occurs, it can cause nerve damage. The child can develop lifelong illnesses like Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy. Other birth injuries include brain damage and spinal cord injury.

Round Rock Birth Injury Lawyer

Severe birth injuries like these can result in years of medical problems and threaten the quality of life for the child. The family can be financially overwhelmed by all the expenses. Brain damage and spinal cord injuries can cause a loss of muscle control. The child may never be able to walk normally. Symptoms can range from learning disabilities to a mild limp or even a lifetime spent in a wheelchair. Someone with injuries like this may not experience the rich quality of life that a perfectly normal, healthy child would experience.

Your entire family is impacted when a birth injury occurs. If you learn that the injury happened because of a hospital employee’s negligence, then the pain can be even worse. You may be angry or confused and not know where to turn. Cases like this require quick action on the part of the family. The evidence may be lost and witnesses can forget what they saw.

The Texas legal system is complicated and cases like this can be difficult to prove. It’s important to have an experienced Round Rock lawyer working on your case. Zinda Law Group helps Texans every day to resolve complex legal matters. Our highly skilled personal injury lawyers will work hard to put together a winning case. We understand how distressed and confused that parents often are in these cases, but it’s important to have a strong advocate helping you move through the legal process.

We urge you to call today and speak with a birth injury lawyer. We can start at once investigating the details to learn what happened. If negligence is uncovered, we will help you get the settlement your family needs. Expenses can be high with a birth injury and they can continue for years, so it’s important to the compensation your case deserves.

Call us today for your free consultation. Our attorneys are well experienced and compassionate. We will review the elements of your case and advise you about taking legal action. You’re under no obligation to choose Zinda Law Group to represent you.  Our law firms works on a contingency fee basis so you won’t have to pay legal fees and court costs until your case is settled, so please contact us today.